Monday, March 19, 2012

Catilina State Park to South Tucson March 19 2012

Today’s ride was only 35 miles so there was no hurray to get on the road. Besides it was only 34F. I lay in bed as long as possible but finally got up and put on everything I owned including my heavy duty rain gear as I could hear the rain pounding down on the tent.

After a hardy cold breakfast of cold frosted flakes and half frozen milk Ken and I rolled out of camp on our ride though Tucson. At least the rain had stopped but the wind was still howling. After 15 miles we found a Starbucks and rolled in. We spent about 45 minutes drinking our coffee and almost dreading getting back out into the howling wind.

When we came out the sun was shinning and it was at least 10 degrees warmer. It was not quite pleasant. The ride was very nice as there was a beautiful bike lane the entire way and the scenery was excellent as Tucson is set in the hills. The architecture of the homes is primarily the SW adobe style so there were lots of pretty places.

By time we got to the 33 mile mark it was lunch time so Ken and I went in and had fish and chips. They were excellent. We thought that we had 2 miles to go but it turned out to be about 6 miles. Bubbas’ mileage was out to lunch again.

It is forecast for continuing cold.



Agnes said...

Sounds like a miserable time the last few days. Hopefully you guys will be riding into better weather soon. Hey did Kurt pick the correct picture and movie as per your photo challenge the other day?

Judy said...

Seems like the riding is easy compared to camping in cold, drizzly, windy, sandy weather. Keep on going guys!

Don said...

Well look on the bright side....
you're not setting up the tent.
Sounds like you are enjoying typical Alberta spring conditions for riding.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry - no wonder you have been unreachable, and here I am in Hawaii!

Catch up whenever. All the best.


james said...

Gee Terry, it would be good to hear more stories about my good old mate Wally, and who hes trying to race up hills!
James (Italy trip)