Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You are thinking that I got lost but that isn't the case. The route took us down two sides of a triangle. The direct route was only 40 miles but that was down a major road so we rode two sides of the triangle. The routers on this trip are ingenious. They took us over some incredible back lanes and out of the way places to get from Sodus to Oswego. Of course the back lanes have some really steep pitches in them so there was a total of 2500 feet of climb in what was a net zero day.
As I headed out the sun was just coming over the horizon and I caught a couple of riders and took their picture. It was perfect riding temperature and I was making good time. I had just rolled into Wolcott where there is this fountain in this town square when Ed rolled up. I told him I would take his picture if he would get into the fountain. He wouldn't, so I did and he took my picture. From there the route took us a long way inland to Baldwinsville, where we had picnic. It is on the Erie canal. However we did not ride along the canal. Ed and I made good time and were into picnic by 9:30 Am so we had lots of time to cover the remaining 30 miles after picnic.
We hung around picnic until it started to cloud over and so then we made a bee line for Oswego. However as we approached Oswego the clouds blew away and it turned hot. So we arrived at just after 12:00 Am and the school where we are staying wasn't ready so we had cool our jets in a near by sports bar where pints were $2.75.
What a great day!

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Ken C. said...

Terry, you must be getting close to some familiar territory; I recall you writing about the Erie Canal on your Los Angeles to Boston trip a couple of years ago. Enjoy the ride.