Friday, August 20, 2010

Second Last Day

To day was the second last ride day of the coast to coast. It is really hard to believe. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were in Everett Washington and getting ready to leave for our first ride day. The summer has just flown past. I saw trees which were starting to turn colour, and I saw leaves on the road.

The ride was 84 miles today and the weather prediction was for upper 80's so I was keen to get a bunch of miles in before it got to hot. However I was slow getting in line for breakfast and wound up close to last in line. So I didn't get out of camp until 7:10 Am. Camp was in the Fryeburg county fairgrounds which is a really neat place. There must be 20 or so buildings for the fair. There are hog buildings, steer buildings, goat buildings, you name it they got it.

Once I was on the road I made good time and even though I was almost last out, I was passing a lot of riders. The road was exceptional. It had just been paved a very short time ago so it was very smooth and made for a great riding surface. The wind was supposed to be out of the North which was great as we were headed due south to Durham. However the wind didn't know which way to blow and swirled around from all directions. It would be right in your face and then turn and be a tail wind. There were a lot of ups and downs and lefts and rights as we were headed down what was a country road which had close to zero cars on it.

About five miles out of picnic I spotted Patrick and thought I could catch him. So I jumped on the pedals and sprinted after him sure enough a few miles later I was close. When he hit a hill I used one of his tricks of pulling up with your ankles to accelerate on a hill. Then I was right behind him so I gave him the big dog bark. I was out of breath and the bark came out like a lame old
Newfoundland, but it worked and I scared him into thinking that a big dog was about to take off one of his legs. We both had a good laugh and rolled into picnic a mile or so later.

After picnic it was hot but at least the wind had settled down to become a tail wind. I was content that I had lots of time to make camp so I was riding slow and Patrick caught me and we rode along together until we came to the Lone Oak Ice Cream stand. This place is the place to go in New Hampshire or so I am told. We rolled in, and I had a "Kiddie Cone" which had to have over a pint of ice cream on it. Patrick had some sort of a float which was huge. While we were there a lot of other riders rolled in and everyone was enjoying ice cream and the tail wind. As a side note I see that place are now advertising an new item "Lobster rolls". I may have to try one.

I rolled the last 15 miles on into Durham and past the University of New Hampshire. It is an absolutely beautiful campus. The building are all set on the rolling hills and are surrounded by beautiful lawns.

Well tonight is the last awards night. I wonder how many there will be.

Lets Ride !


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Jim said...

Hey Terry,

One day to go! It has been quite a summer. I rode Colorado Rockies at your start, which seems like an eternity ago. As a matter of fact, I finished RAGBRAI three weeks ago and that seems like it has been months.

Congratulations! I am sure you are already thinking about an around the world ride next.