Monday, August 9, 2010

Into New York State Aug 9

This morning we had a very special treat. We went for breakfast in the Minolta tower, which over looks Niagara Falls. You go into the lobby and take the elevators to the 26 th floor and there is a fancy dining room. The dinning room was perfectly positioned so that you could see the river above the Canadian Falls, the Canadian Falls were directly in front and then off the left was the American Falls and the Rainbow bridge. The lower escarpment was all laid our in front of you. The view was stunning. Of course we are not use to eating off real plates with real silverware and tablecloths. It was a great way to start the week. I loved it. The ride also started an hour later so sleeping in an extra hour was great as well.
Taking the elevator down was tough to do. However day light was burning and we had to get across the Rainbow Bridge and into the US before it got busy. As it turned out there was nobody there and I rolled right through. On the US side we rode along what is called the Sea Side trail which was past magnificent homes over looking the river and Lake Ontario. There was nice tail wind so it was pretty easy, and it brought picnic which was at the 47 mile mark up by about 11:30 AM.
After lunch, I teamed up with Ed and having only 25 miles to go we just rolled along. The roads were very rural with virtually no traffic and beautifully smooth pavement. We stopped to take pictures of these giant pumpkins in a field. Then at about the 67 mile mark we spotted a very old cemetery so we stopped to investigate. It seemed like there were three or four family names in the cemetery so it may have been that they were all related. I think the oldest date was 1825 and it ran to the 1865. We caught up to Steve and Jim just on the edge of Albion NY where we are staying so I invited them for an ice cream. The cue sheet said there was one just before the school so I knew we would find ice cream.
I was going to go for a run today but I just couldn't find the motivation. The temperature is 85 F and the humidity is probably close to 100% so everything is stuck to you. It is now pouring which will clear the air.
Let's Ride


Andrew Dordal said...

Hi Terry - I am enjoying your posts and wishing I was there. At one point I hoped to join up again for the NY state week, but I am traveling for work again.

Chris & I only rode with you for three weeks but we have fond memories of so many people. After nine weeks, I expect it will be difficult for the group to say good bye.

Best wishes! I enjoy your posts.

Andrew D

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

I can see you are having a blast... just enjoy for all of us from the office... and keep paddling !!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey buddy,
Glad to hear you survived the "wasp encounter". Sounds like you are going through some beautiful countryside. I saw Agnes yesterday and she said you will be home on the 21st. I will be out of town getting back on the 26th so you have 5 days to get in "running shape"! Enjoy the rest of the trip.