Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Day of the week

From Star Lake to Lake Placid was 73 miles and to say it was rolling would be an understatement. There was nothing but hills. You were either grinding up one or sailing down the other side. There was probably 50 to 350 feet of elavation gain between each crest and trough. I think that each climb was about a quarter mile and so were the decents. I guess if you do the math that means we climbed 150 hills today.

Ed and I were out of the chute early this morning and made great time down to picnic by 9:30Am. So we hung around there for a while. With 30 miles to go we were taking our time. We stopped in Sarnac where we had a milk shake. Then we rolled on into Lake Placid. We arrived by 11:30 Am so we cruised the town which is a big long tourist trap. The town has lots of pubs and fancy shops. I think it is for people coming to see the past olympic facilites. I understand that there are training facilities here but I didn't see them. We stopped in a cycle shop and Ed got some new clips for his shoes. I almost bought a jersey and matching shorts which said "Lake Placid" on them, but they were kind of expensive.

Tomorrow is a well deserved rest day, before the final push to Boston.

Blogspot will not take pictures so I'll add them later???


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Ken C. said...

Terry, congratulations on finishing week six!! I have never been to Lake Placid but have driven Interstate 87 between Montreal and Albany and there are a lot of mountains there, the Adirondacks. Enjoy the coming week and keep up the good work.