Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sodus NY Aug 10

Last night's rain storm forced me to take my laundry down before it was completely dry. So I hung it up on the cloths line which I have strung in side my tent. The cloths line works great for hanging your lantern, and all manner of things. It still wasn't dry when I went to bed last night so I just left it hanging. Then about 2:30 Am this morning there was this huge man standing over me in my tent. It was quite scary and I was trying to cry out but couldn't. Finally I was able to reach up and grab the man who was in my tent and he turned out to be my jersey.

This morning was humid and kind of foggy but it was a great day. It is always fun riding when there is some fog on the horizon. The ride went straight north to the coast of Lake Ontario where we turned east along a parkway where there is a bike lane beside the parkway. The bike lane had a lot of loose rocks on the pavement, but there was no traffic. The miles flew by and before I knew it we were at picnic which was in Rochester NY. The routers had plotted a great route though Rochester and we were able to slip though a major city without hitting any big streets or major traffic conditions.
The water stop after picnic was at this fork in the road where there was a peach orchard. The peaches had been picked but there was the odd one still on the trees. They were perfectly ripe and very delicious.

At the 82 mile mark there was an option to ride out to Sodus Point. This added seven miles to the ride. So I took the option and it was worth the ride. Sodus Point is a beautiful little village right on Lake Ontario. There is a historic light house there which has been restored and is in magnificent condition. The grounds are trimmed with loving care and the homes surrounding it are fabulous.
The small downtown has several bars and I meet a couple of other riders in one where we had a beer on a lakeside patio. It was great, and hard to get back on the bike to finish the ride into Sodus, where we are camped. With the option today's ride was 91 miles.
A great day!


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Ken C. said...

Terry, glad you were able to wrestle that big man in your tent to the ground. He'll never mess with you again.