Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ludington A day Off

The sun was up by the time I got up and things sure did look a lot better than they did last night. So I put on my running gear, set my Garmin and was off for a run. It was a beautiful, run though a residential neighborhood to the downtown. Lots of beautiful painted lady Victorian homes, which have been loving restored. I managed to get a 45 minutes run in and covered 3.8 miles so I felt pretty good about that.
A quick shower and I grabbed my laundry and headed off to the laundry to wash clothes. With my laundry done and yesterday's blog written and the pictures down loaded. I am in great shape.
I get back to the school campground and when I turn around there is an old friend, Craig from the West Coast trip I did four years ago. So Craig and I hung out for the afternoon. We went downtown and wandered around the town. We stopped by the local gas station and got some beer and wandered down to the beach and drank beer on the beach. It was great to catch up on all the rides he has been on and having fun renewing our friendship. Craig is on for the next three weeks.
After we got back to the campsite Earnie shows up, and I got to meet his wife Betsy which was great as we have all heard so much about her but nobody has ever meet Betsy.
The bike got cleaned and oiled in there some where, laundry is done and supper has been eaten. It looks like tomorrow is a 93 mile day so I need a good night sleep, but that is tomorrow and on this trip you only worry about today. In fact I never ride further than picnic.
Lets ride!

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Ken C. said...

Terry, that's the perfect way to think about a long ride; one bike ride before lunch, another after lunch. Enjoy the week ahead. It looks like a number of longer rides this week.