Sunday, August 8, 2010

Niagara Falls! Yahoo!

I was a little concerned about how I was going to feel, after yesterdays trip to the hospital, but I awoke feeling totally refreshed and in great spirits. So why waste a moment? Lets go for it!
We had a great 75 mile ride today along the north Shore of Lake Ontario into Niagara Falls. The route took us right along the shore though all be summer beach cottages which line the north shore. It was beautiful. Ed and I stopped at a number of for sale homes but there were no prices listed. I guess if you have to ask the price you cannot afford it. We were making good time and we picking up Klingon's on a regular basis. Picnic was at the 50 mile marker and by the time we were about 6 -7 miles out Ed and I must have had ten or more Klingon's riding our wheels. It was getting a little bit scary as there was a lot of jocking about and people cutting in and out and passing on the right and just plain showing poor judgement. In these situations you have to either drop off the end of the pack or blow the pack away. I chose to blow the pack away to I jumped on the pedals and flew on into picnic. I think that Philippe and Ed were the only two who stayed with me.

So there we are at picnic at 10:00 Am with only 20 miles to go so we just headed on into town. We crossed the welland cannel on this little ferry boat,which was off a bike trail which was fun. The great tail winds which we had shortened our journey even more and Ed and I were eating ice cream in Niagara Falls by 11:30 AM.

With the ride over and a day off looming us in the face I headed on down to see the falls with Patrick and Tom. We chose the full tourist pack to see all of the attractions of the falls. We elected to do the walk under the falls first. It was really fun as they hand you this yellow poncho and then you go down this tunnel which takes you down and behind the falls. There is a viewing platform which is right beside the falls which is an absolute maelstrom. Then there are some portals which are behind the falls. The scale of the falls is beyond the imagination. Then we did the 3D film thing which was a lot of fun but pale in comparison to the real thing.
We headed on out for supper and found a micro-brew pub which was out of the tourist zone where we sampled several of the different brews and found them all to be excellent. I had the fish and chips which where exceptional.

To day was a big day and a very exciting one.


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