Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Into New Hampshire

Well Vermont didn't last long. The states are pretty small in the NE. Today's ride took us from Stowe VT to Littleton New Hampshire. We were on a back road when we crossed the state line so the only note was a small sign on a bridge. I wouldn't have even known but I spotted the sign.

However I am getting ahead of myself. It is only appropriate that I mention that last nights supper was in the Sunset Grill. It was a barbeque and It was fantastic. There was barbequed chicken, ribs and meatloaf. No barbeque is complete without beans and the beans were perfect. It was a real meat lovers heaven.

I had a great time to day. The ride was a lot of short steep rollers. On some of them I would charge up just going full tilt. Standing and pounding the gears. On others I would shift down and grind away. Of course for every climb there was a decent so on some I would just glide down and on others I would power down, shifting as I gained speed. I don't think there was a single flat spot the entire ride. The cue sheet gave the ride 4770 feet of climb over the 70 miles however, I heard numbers as high as 6000 from some of the riders.

Besides the fun riding I had a lot of fun taking pictures. I was with a lot of riders so I got a lot of action shots. I total spent the battery on my camera and at one point the card showed that it was full and I had to stop and start deleting pictures. I stopped at a farmers market and there was this young couple selling the most amazing kinds of vegetables. I don't think they had many costumers, but they had a beautiful display and when I asked to take their picture they gave me the biggest smiles in the world.
The big dog was out in force as well chasing down riders and barking at them. I managed to scare three rides, which makes it a record day. Two of them were sectional riders so they had never heard the big dog bark however one of them was a coast to coast rider. I came up very quickly and kept well to the right so i would not be seen. Scaring Janet made the day. As I passed she was cursing a blue streak at me for scaring her so badly.
Littleton is a historic town or so the signs claim. For what I am not sure but I am sure you can Google it. One thing it is famous for is Chutters on Main Street which claims the worlds longest candy bar. When I when in I was amazed. It goes on forever. You take a bag and start filling it. There were things I had not seen since I was 10. You take a bag and pick your own. So I took a couple of these and a couple of those and some of them and by the time I got to the end I had a pound of candy. Having not eaten since 10:00 and it was now 1:00 PM, I ate the works. Supper wasn't until 5:30, so it was OK.

We are camped at the Littleton High School tonight and when I got there I was really disappointed as the camping was limited to this tiny area where the tents are less than 3 feet apart. However on closer examination I found a spot around the corner which was just big enough for one tent and I got it.


Ken C. said...

Terry, I think I could also easily give the vegetable stand a pass in favour of the candy store buffet. Three days to go; keep up the good work. Thanks for the blog and pics.

Janice Mercieri said...

Littleton is also home to "Pollyanna"