Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lake Placid Aug 15

The much anticipated day off has finally arrived. So I thought I would celebrated by sleeping in. However my internal clock had me up at 5:30 any way. I lay in bed until 6:30 and caught a couple of cat naps but by then the sun was streaming into my tent so it was time to go. I pulled on my running gear and headed out for 45 minutes. I was intending to turn around at the 22 minute mark but getting my legs stretched out felt so good that I pushed it to 30 minutes before turning around. I paid the price later by being quite stiff for a couple of hours. Long Beach could be a long marathon.
After the run I cleaned my bike and headed downtown. I had two tiny lanterns for my tent but they got rolled up in a wet tent and that was the end of them, so I needed a replacement. I found a very nice one in a camping store which is actually far brighter and can be dimmed. I also found a couple of gifts.
Patrick and Tom have been eating breakfast in McDonald's rather than with the group. McDonald's is selling the Marvel comics action figures so they have been buying them. Tom is Captain America. So they made me the Silver Surfer. I took a few minutes and mounted him on my handle bars. He looks good. We will see if he makes it to Boston.
I had passed up buying the really nice cycling jersey and matching shorts the other day in the local bike shop. However I changed my mind and went back and got the kit. Having cycle wear from Lake Placid is pretty cool. Besides it is good to look fast even if you are not. It keeps the the club racer types from hitting on you. They look at you and think "Wow, this guy has cycled Lake Placid. Better not hit on him."
One week to go and only 390 miles to go. Not far considering we have covered 3900 miles.


Agnes said...

The silver surfer looks cool man, I hope he makes it to Boston. Any hints as to my gift???? Ride safe.


Ken C. said...

Terry, the silver surfer is great. With those muscles, he should help you on the hills and when pumping tires. There is no free ride. Keep up the good work.