Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the way home

I don't know about you but for me once the trip is over and you are on your way home I really want to just reach into my pack pull out my communicator and have Scotty beam me home. A number of the riders who live in the proximity of Boston were driving home. This one rider who lives not far away had parked his car in a car park and when he rolled in he grabbed his bag and bike and climbed into a cab and was gone. Most of us have long flights to take to get us home. Several of the riders from the UK and Holland will be in transit for more than 24 hr.

Last night we were staying in the Gloucester High School which is home of the Fighting Fishermen. Most of the high schools were home to the cougars, eagles wolverines etc. So Fighting Fisherman congered up an interesting image of what the team mascot must look like. There was no outside camping so I set my tent up inside. It was really crowded on the floor with all the other tents set up inside and all of the regular floor floppers. However I noticed that the door to an upstairs balcony was open so I set my tent up in the balcony and had the spot to my self.

The harbour tour which Greg had organized was a huge hit. The ride was almost 2.5 hour and everyone had a bunch of margaritas. It was pretty neat seeing the harbour where Perfect Storm was filmed. The smell of the salt air and seeing all the fishing boats was great. It was also the perfect venue for all of us to have one last get together. I really had a good time. It is sure going to be different going back to reality.
After the harbour tour Tom, Cynthia, Patrick and I went for a late supper before returning to the camp. Riding with these friends sure has been great. It wasn't just these friends but all of the new friends and the old friends which made the trip great. Seeing the Mushorns for the first three weeks was really fun. I thought they were strictly motel types but they sure showed me that they are avid campers. Having Earnie come out to ride with us for a week sure meant a lot. I really appreciated your help when I needed it. I am really looking forward to the next ride. AND I mean you JH!
I have put up a few pictures from the trip in no order as no body needs to see the inside of an airport.

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Jim said...


Congratulations on your longest transcontental ride!

You did well.