Thursday, August 19, 2010


When the alarm went off at 5:35 Am this morning the first thought; "Was do I really have to do this?" It has been a long trip and now we have only 3 ride days left. It was only 48F so crawling out of my sleeping bag was double hard. I decided that I would put on my new Lake Placid riding kit. There is something wonderful abut about putting on a jersey and new shorts. When I did crawl out of the tent there was a morning haze. I was really glad that I had put my arm and leg warmers on.
With only 63 miles to go I was in no hurray to leave breakfast. So I rolled about 7:15 AM. The sun was well above the horizon and the fog was almost gone. I had been hoping to get a few photos of the morning mist, but it burned off so quick that I didn't get any shots.
The stunning moment came when I had stopped for a moment and a local rider going the other way calls out great blog. I turn to look and he wheels around and comes up to introduce himself. Tom has been reading my blog and following my progress across the US. He recognized the silver surfer on my bike. Tom did the coast to coast in 2002. What an amazing thing that he would spot the silver surfer from across the road while going 20 mph. I was totally stunned that he recognized me. WOW! Thanks Tom! you made my day.
I rode down the `Notch`which is this place between two hills leading up to Mount Washington. There is something like 10 miles of up to 13% grade. It was this pass which lead the development of the interior of the New Hampshire. It was a great down hill.
Tonight was graduation for the coast to coast riders and we were given plaques commemorating our achievement. It was a very emotional celebration. All I have to do now is complete the final 150 miles to earn it.
Lets Ride!



Tom Matchak said...

It was nice to meet you, Terry. You know, it wasn't only the silver surfer that led to a positive ID. It was the silver surfer mounted on the bars of a red bike that gave you away. How many of those could there be?

Congrats on your C2C achievement, and thanks again for bring back so many great memories with this wonderful journal.

Ken C. said...

Terry, your "Recognized!" story just goes to show that little things really do matter. Enjoy the last few days.

Jim said...


Congrats on receiving your certificate for getting the coast-to-coast ride finish line in sight! I can see your summer has been full of postcard pictures and wonderful many you must be in overload. Way to go!

We are back from Tahoe and on the internet. I haven't been on the bike in three weeks and struggled to complete a spin class. I am sure you are lean and mean.

I know you'll enjoy the finish. Congratulations, Again!