Monday, August 2, 2010

Nintey Five Miles Closer To Boston: Aug 2

To day was the start of week seven which is the second largest week in terms of mileage on the tour, and we started it with a 95 mile ride into Falwell, from Ludington. We started in the dark as we just crossed into a new time zone so crawling out of the tents was with your head lamp on. However by the time we were rolling down to breakfast it was light enough to ride.

Breakfast was at the Old Hamlin buffet downtown and they put on a good spread with lots of fresh fruit and of course my favorite - bacon. The ride it self a pretty straight forward ride though the country side with virtually no hills. There were a few small rollers but nothing to speak of. So I made good time. However my bike computer was acting up and so I didn't know how fast I was going or the distance travelled. Picnic came up pretty fast at the 42 mile mark beside a very pretty lake. The special of the day was some sort of tofu salad so I had a ham sandwich and rolled on out of there. After lunch was a 19 mile paved bike trail which took us off the busy road and it was probably the highlight of the day. It was so peaceful rolling along with a slight tail wind. The only noise was the hum of your tires on the pavement and the birds singing in the trees. I liked it. I even took my own picture. These bike trails are old railway lines which have been converted to bike trails and they are great. We were really lucky with the weather as it was overcast to day and so it never got very hot. I am not sure but my guess would have been in the low 80's. The humidity is close to 100% and it could have been a real baker.
I pulled my tent out and set it to dry while I showered. As it turned out that was a really smart move as the school has only two showers. In the three or four minutes I was in the shower there was a huge line of riders waiting to shower.

I had a spare bike computer with me so I swapped out my bike computer. Hopefully that will fix my problems.
While it was a pretty uneventful day we are now well over the 3000 mile mark. It may have been uneventful but it was still a great day. Perfect weather, great breakfast, wonderful path to ride on, and 95 miles closer to Boston.
Lets ride!


Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,

You have made great progress since the last time I checked in. I see Niagra Falls is next. You probably have the end in sight. What a trip!

I had a wonderful RAGBRAI. On the second day they counted 17,000 bikers...a procession that went on for some six hours. Weather was beautiful, but at times hot and muggy. On my last day we got rained on for the entire 65 mile ride. I'll send you an emil.

Keep up the good work. Tomorrow we are off to Tahoe for a two week family get to gather.

Happy biking,


Gary Griffin said...


When you get to Long Point on Lake Erie, Take the extra mileage to ride the length of the point (peninsula). It is a great view of the lake from the center with out being on a boat. Most of our great snow storms originate in this area when the winds are out of the direction to travel the length of the Lake. Also from this point you can see Port Colburn where the ships enter and leave the Welland Canal. Also at the end of the point if you look east slightly north east across the lake you can just see the eastern shorline of Lake Erie where I live.
There is lots to see and do in Niagara Falls Ontario including Night Life at Mens and Womens Night Clubs( Hint Hint!!!!). I expect you will save your energy for that.
Then your off to Northern NY and Lots of Fruit farms and Viniards. Take Care!

Your Freind

Gary Griffin