Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hoover Pulls a great one!

Today started out nice and cool with a low mist hanging in the air. It was really welcome as it kept the temperature down. We had 85 miles to cover and I wasn't looking forward to doing it in temperatures in the 90's with 90% humidity. On the positive side there was some cloud cover, and some wind out of the west, with a very flat course. On the negative side we had 90's for temperature, with 90% humidity, and no shoulder and relatively busy roads.
I blitzed out of breakfast as soon as I could and was intent on making as many miles as possible before the morning mist left. One of the riders who is from this part of the country says they only have two kinds of weather here. Hot and humidity, and cold and damp. There wasn't much for scenery just corn fields one side of the road and soy beans on the other. So I am wondering what am I going to put in the blog. I took a bunch of pictures of buildings in the various little towns we passed through. I have been impressed with how nice the old Victorian homes are. San Francisco gets all the credit for having beautiful Victorian homes but there are a lot of them in the little towns we are riding through.
A couple of miles from camp we turn off on a beautiful little bike path and I am so glad to be minutes away from camp. It has been along hot day. I am all in. Then I come around the last bend in the path and there is Hoover standing beside the path, and beside him is a cooler. One guess what he has in the cooler! Hoover who is one of the fastest riders has gone into town got a cooler filled it with ice and beer and the walked from town back to the path to hand out beer. It was so cold and so good, I cannot describe it. Hoover had picked up 24 beer, so I went in and grabbed another 18 as it was obvious this was going to be a big hit. A couple of other riders went in and came back with another, 30 beer. A party breaks out as more and more riders roll in. Everyone is laughing and sucking back cold beers. What a supper ending to the day. Hoover, I salute you.
And so ends ride day number 40 with 15 more ride days.

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Anonymous said...

hey buddy,
Just catching up on your blog after being away in Cancun! You look fabulous in your pictures and it is amazing how when you are on such a journey how the little things make you happy. Good food, good weather, a tail-wind. Can't believe you only have 15 days. I better get running! I have managed to put on another 5 lbs.