Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ok The internet cafe where I am at will not let me copy my carefully written and edited postings which were made on my laptop. SO you don't get to read all the wit which was so carefully prepared. So Here are some pictures.
  1. This is a scene from this jungle treck we did out on Manaus. The trek was great we saw how the native indians live in the jungle.
  2. This is giant moth which landed on the boat one night. Iti s about 4" across. Everynight the boat which is this huge illuminated object attrachs thousands of bugs
  3. Indian village where we stopped one day
  4. Typical scene along the Amazon of native boats where the people live on the river.
  5. Pharina fishing where we went on this tour to catch the deadly little guys.

    More later


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