Monday, December 21, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 28– St Thomas US Virgin Islands

When the ship docked in St Thomas the US Customs and Immigration officials came aboard and everyone had to show their passport. It was more of a formality than a real inspection as I don’t think that anyone really expects terrorists to be sneaking in on cruise ships. So after the quick passport check it was off to enjoy a day on St. Thomas.

St Thomas is famous for one think and that is the duty free shopping. I think there are more jewellery shops than people on St Thomas. So we walked down the gang plank and headed off to do some shopping.

The cabs are Ford F-150’s with and specially built benches replacing the standard box. The cab carries 14 people so the $5.00 net the driver $70 for the 10 minute ride into downtown. The cruise ship industry is good. However I don’t think I would walk the two miles into town in the 85F sun for the $5.00.

Upon arriving downtown we weren’t the first ones there as the place was crowded with tourists. As I mentioned there are lots of jewellery shops so we wandered from one to the next. Agnes was looking for a ring and as was happy to follow along. It sounded like an easy out on Christmas shopping to me. Looking a beautiful things isn’t hard to take. Agnes found her treasure in about the third shop and with a few t-shirts we headed back to the ship.

There is a huge terminal at Crown Bay where we were tied up with a hundred wifi hot spot signs. Two years ago when we were in St Thomas I did my e-mails there so I thought there would be no problem. However the free internet of two years ago was gone and now it was $9.95. All you had to do was put your credit card number on an unsecured internet site. RIGHT! So after trying a few spots with no luck I decided to call it a day.

Just two sea days left on this trip. YIKES! Before it is back to the deep freeze.


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