Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 12 - Grenada

Wow what a beautiful place this is. The boat is tied up to a pier right down town St. George in Grenada. The coral pink of the houses set in the green of the hill side. Magnificent blue sea and brilliant blue sky with little white puffy clouds. Of course it is 85F and 100% humidity so your clothes are stuck to you. Even my Tommy Bahamas silk shirt is stuck down. Never the less I don’t think I would trade for 0F and the freezing weather of Calgary.

Grenada is the spice island of the Caribbean and here they are all selling little boxes of spices. Three dollars each. If you bargain real hard they will come down and you can talk them into “3 for $9.00 Mon” Fort St George is right off the center of downtown and was constructed in 1660 by the French but they surrendered to the British. DUH! It is the best preserved fort in the Caribbean and of considerable historical note. The prime minister of Grenada was assassinated at the fort and the place fell in to the hands of the commies before Ronald Regan intervened and the US Marine corp. ousted them and restored democracy to this lovely little piece of paradise.

We walked around downtown and it seems like the commies are gone for good as it is a beehive of activity. The cars are all new and right hand drive. The shops filled with goods and the people look happy and industrious. The security is the highest I have seen any where in the Caribbean. X=ray on the dock and efficient looking personnel.

Tomorrow is the last sea day for a while and then it is Devils Island. (more French stuff) and then Brazil and the jungle. WOW!

Sorry for the lack of pictures but they just discovered the internet and everything here is on island time. So high speed means something else.



Wes Reid said...

Ajax is responding better to his new medication and Gastro food. His elimination was much better this mourning. I won't jump the gun and say more than that but he does seem more settled today so that is good.

Devil's Island sounds like a cool place to stop. Be interesting how that goes.
Take Care and all is well with Kurt and the others too... Wes

Wes Reid said...

Ajax seems to be improving each day. I did end up dropping by a sample to vet on Saturday as friday night his elimination was still not as consistent as it needs to be. We're still on the rice and gastro food until he gets all the way better. He is improving though, which is great.
My guess is you guys are getting close to the River now so say hello to all the Amazons for me.
Take Care... Wes

Wes Reid said...

OH Yeah... And we just got a huge dump of snow over the last few days and is still falling so it is a good time to be tropical for sure...Wes