Thursday, December 17, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 23 – Sea Day

After a week of activity every day, a day off is very welcome.

I sleep in and then go to the gym Thirty minutes on the elliptical trainer and thirty minute lifting weights is great. A hearty breakfast finishes the morning off .

In the afternoon is the ship’s King Neptune festival which celebrates the crossing of the equator. King Neptune is seated on a throne on the main deck and is presiding over punishing of Polly-Wogs (ship’s crew who have not crossed equator before). The crimes the crew have committed include over feeding the passengers, being to fastidious in the cleaning of the ship, to laziness, to making the ship do too fast. On the one side of King Neptune is the huge prehistoric looking cat fish which was typical of Amazon fish, resting on this block of ice. The punishment to the offenders is to “KISS THE FISH” , after which they are covered in this slimy foam and thrown into the pool. Totally hilarious! The ship did a great job.

This evening the ships entertainment is a stand up comedian. He tells a lot of funny jokes and has a great act.

As we venture further into the Atlantic the water is getting rougher and the ship is pitching quite a bit. Tomorrow could be trouble for a lot of people.


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