Thursday, December 17, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 15 – A Sea Day

It is really hard to believe that we have been gone over two weeks and that we are half way through the trip. It has been a really relaxing trip, yet there have been adventures exploring small Caribbean islands and seeing different things.

The sea day takes us into the mouth of the Amazon and even though we are still a few hundred miles from the mouth of the river the water is the colour of milk chocolate from all the sediment in the water. The ship is just barely moving along and there is a lot of speculation as to why we are going so slowly. At lunch time the captain comes on the intercom to tell us that we are moving so slowly as the water is only a few feet deeper than the draft of the ship. Yet here we are a few hundred miles off shore. Incredible! We are not scheduled to enter the river until tonight.

I guess that an afternoon nap is probably the order of the day. Tomorrow we are in Brazil and will be standing on the equator. Actually we are technically on the equator right now. The information on the navigation screen of the TV shows just 5 minutes difference between sunrise and sunset. So, as we approach Dec 21 that time will become zero. There is your little factoid for the day.

Bedtime and I thought I would check to see if I can see any of the jungle. As I step out side the ship is covered in bugs!! One flies right into my eye! I swat it away. One lands on my foot and starts to crawl between my toes. YIKES!! Thousands of beetles about 1-1.5 inches long are covering the deck and sides of the ship. Moths, everything from tiny little ones to huge 6 inch wing spans. Moths with clear wings, to this one which is a beautiful emerald green colour and about 4 inches across, they are everywhere, and of every description.

Welcome to the jungle (somebody said that but I don’t think they were talking about this).


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