Monday, December 21, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 27– Roseau Dominica

What a beautiful jewel of an island Dominica is. It has these huge mountains that reach right up to the clouds. So when we got up there we are looking out over the crystal clear blue waters of the bay which is offset by the magnificent green mountains of Dominica. The little town of Roseau is a typical little island town with lots of venders trying to sell t-shirts and souvenirs made in China to the tourists. Along with hundreds of guys trying to get you take an island tour in their cab ($15 for an island tour mon). Well actually I am being a little hard on it. Dominica is not on the main stream of the cruise ships. So there are fewer venders and a lot of the goods which are for sale here are clothes which are sewn locally. So if you are looking for a Hawaiian shirt or dress with palm trees on it I would recommend Dominica.

The island tours here take you up in to the jungle which cover the island and to the water falls and though the forest preserve. It is all very beautiful and if you have never been to Dominica well worth the $15.00. However as I have been here several times I opted to do my blog and to sit in an outdoor café and drink the local beer which at $2.00 is an excellent value. It was close to 90 f and the beer was at close to 32 F, so they made a perfect combination. Dominica is one of the few island with their own brewery and I think they are quite proud of it. I was told that and took it at face value.

Tomorrow was Election Day in Dominica for President/Prime Minister. It looked like there were three parties. The left of center Labour Party, the Marxist Party, and the “We hate that right wing Marxist Party. As we were sitting drinking beer we were listening to the debate on the radio and were amazed at the names these guys are calling each other. No debate just name calling. Each party had vans with loud speakers mounted on them driving around encouraging people to vote for them and not those other capitalist zealots. But then who understands local politics? Somebody who just stumbled off a cruise ship? You would take his word!!

There are no beaches in Dominica however the snokeling and the diving is great here. I have been snokeling in Dominica and it is great. It is just a little hard to get to and well there isn’t much in the way of great hotels either. The Fort Hotel is built into/around the original fort built by the French, captured by the Spanish and taken over by the British. It is not really a destination hotel.

Don’t get me wrong on this one it is really beautiful here, and the beer was great.



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