Monday, December 21, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 29– Sea Day

This morning was Holland America’s Walk for the Cure campaign. Agnes and I had signed up to do the 5k walk on deck. So we had a hardy breakfast and headed down to the walk. Jim and Sandra were there as well. Jim had bailed out and wasn’t doing the walk but was going to walk part way. Everyone had on the white t-shirt with the pink ribbon on it so it was a festive atmosphere. I got mired in the pack and it took me a couple of laps to get out front. However with it being 4 laps/mile I had several laps to spare. Out front was this other fellow and the two of us had the 14 laps as the prescribed distance knocked off with at least a 2 lap margin on the nearest competitors. Ya, Ok it was a bunch of geezers but we were still first. Not that I am competitive or something. I walked a couple of extra laps to get pictures of Agnes completing her first 5k.

In the afternoon I put some sun screen on and found a nice deck chair to snooze in and catch a few rays. It was great.

Just one sea day left on this trip. YIKES! Before it is back to the deep freeze.


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