Thursday, December 17, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 13 – A day at Sea

After leaving Grenada we head south across the Caribbean Sea to Devils Island. It is really hard to comprehend how large the ocean is when here we are just crossing one little corner of it and it takes over 24 hours to do so. A sea day means lots of time to just take it easy. Do what ever pleases you most.

I got up and hit the gym doing 90 minutes on the elliptical. It was good to get a good sweat going and I left the gym totally soaked. I need to do a little running as it is now less than 3 months to the next marathon and here I am not training. Besides which Chris is just going to kick my butt when I get home. However my eating plan does appear to be paying benefits as it would appear that I have moved my belt out a full notch.

After a hearty breakfast on the stern of an omelette and more bacon than you can imagine I pulled on my swim suit and headed for the deck chairs. I have found a couple of good books and a day spent sunning myself and reading is just what I need.

At supper tonight our usual dinner companions were not there. Instead this couple from Nova Scotia joined us. They were quite good company and told stories of life in the Maritimes. We compared cruises which we have taken and exchanged travel stories. Then totally out of the blue they jump on the fact that there are a lot of handicapped scooters on this trip. They just hated them they jam the passageways and he was run down by one in the library. So I am not alone in despising the scooter trash.

Tomorrow is Devils Island. (more French stuff)


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