Thursday, December 17, 2009

Amazon Adventure Day 24 – Sea Day

This morning the sea is quite rough and the boat is pitching a fair amount. I was up relatively early and hit the gym. There I met a few of the regulars and one of them was saying that he had walked though the Lido (buffet section of the ship) and he saw a lot of people sitting in bathrobes and look pretty green.

I did my 105 minutes on the elliptical and headed down stairs to shower and get ready for breakfast. I caught up with Agnes on the Lido deck looking a bit green. This is really surprising as we have been on a lot of cruises and she has never been motion sick once.

Today was the big past passenger brunch so with Agnes out of commission I headed off to it by myself. It was great. Lots of wine with the meal and lots of nice words being said by the crew about how happy that we are all such good customers – Right!

This was only the second free drink of the cruise. One when you get on and here is a second one. I am really underwhelmed. It use to be that there was always a free drink being poured. The comedian the other day was talking about the airlines and what now constitutes a “frill” Looks like a drink on a cruise has become a frill. They are charging $4.75 US for a beer on the ship, and $4.95 for a highball. Come on you get the bottle for $6-7 due free, and add a splash of Coke. Good thing I brought two 1.75 Liter bottles of Johnny Walker with me. As I am down to the bottom half of the second day I looks like I will make it.

On the frills thing they have taken away the trays in the buffet. So now you have to carry around your plates and cups without a tray. The official reason is that people with a cane cannot carry a tray. However the hotel manger reviled at the morning coffee and chat session that by taking way the trays it has cut down food consumption by 20%.

With Agnes out of commission I get dressed for tonight’s formal dinner and head out. It is great as usual.


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