Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting Close

Here we are the last weekend before I leave for the big ride. I am getting really excited about the prospect of this great adventure, however I am also feeling really nervous that I am poorly prepared. Our tour group has a forum where various topics are discussed concerning the trip. Naturally one of the topics is how many extra tubes you are taking with you. I had thought that three would be ample, some people are taking twenty tubes and half a dozen tires. Other people are taking things like shower caps to use under your helmet as a rain hat. Maybe I will liberate one from one of the hotels if it looks like rain. Rather than planning for rain I am going to plan for sun and take the sun tan lotion.

The plan for the weekend is to pull my gear together and get it in to my bags. Maybe I'll take the bike apart and put in in my box. I think that if I do a trial pack any shortages will be apparent. Besides I have a couple of days in Las Vegas to make sure that I have everything. I don't know why I am worried this is America there is a shopping mall every five miles. Have credit card will travel!

Sorry no great picture today. However stay tuned there will be a link to lots of great pictures.


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