Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Ride Along The Beach

What a beautiful day! Up really early for a good run up and down the hills. We are staying in El Segundio which is right along the Pacific, but there are a bunch of really steep hills that form an escarpment along the coast. So they looked like a great challenge for a runner. I was thinking of our group this morning as I huffed and puffed up and down the hills. It was perfect running weather just a little cool and overcast.

My good friend Ken who lives in LA came out to have breakfast with me. Off to IHOP where we filled up on pancakes, eggs and bacon. It was great seeing him. Even though we haven't actually seen each other in ten years it was just like yesterday. The same laughing teasing and commentary on the way the country should be run if they would just put us in charge. That's right put the engineers in charge. Forget having the politicians run things. They put engineers in charge of industry and it works great.

After breakfast Jim and I went for a little bike ride down to the beach. The sun had burned off the early morning haze and it was warm and sunny. We cruised along the beach at El Segundio down to Manhattan pier. It is really neat as there is a concrete bike path that is right on the beach, so it is almost as if you are riding the beach. There were thousands of people out cruising the beach on every kind of bike imaginable. Down at the Manhattan pier there was the American National Bikini Beach Volleyball Championships on so we watched that for quite a while.

The ride group was having the orientation meeting at 2:00 Pm so we hit that for introductions and a briefing on all the do's and don'ts of the tour. There are 34 riders going all the way across from LA to Boston. I am the only Canadian, there is 1 Brit. 2 Guatemalans, and 1 from Germany but he is really an American. There are 4 Jim's, and some fellows that I can hang out with Harry, Larry, and Jerry.

Tomorrow we are off to Manhattan Pier for the official wheel dip in the Pacific coast before we make for Boston.

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Darryl the neighbour said...

I think you could come back after a couple of months and enter your next career as a writer. Your update was rather entertaining sir Terry the biker come blogger.

Keep a safe pace and protect your butt.

Bill said...

Terry: Seems to me that you may have talked before about ruling the world, might have had a scotch or two while doing so but is this going to be your next project? Will be watching Darlington today, have you heard that Dale Jr. will be leaving the team his father started at the end of this year? Blogs are great!