Tuesday, May 29, 2007


And I mean MOOO. That's right we are in Dalhart Texas. Home of the worlds largest feed lots. We rode pass the feed lots coming in to town. It would take ten minutes to pass a feed lot going 18 mph. The cattle were as far as you could see (which was a really long way as it is pretty flat around here). You couldn't even pick out that they were cattle. Naturally there was a huge brown pile in the middle with bulldozers moving the cow stuff on it. The flies and bugs would stick to your clothing as you rode along the road. Of course it was pushing 90 F so the aroma was totally over powering. In fact the whole town (7300 pop.) has that distinctive odour. Oddly enough we were served chicken for supper.

Today's ride was just shy of the century mark at 98 miles. I was going to ride up the road an extra mile to make the century but it was hot and I was tired, even though the road was very good and the wind was with us most of the day, so when the hotel came up I just pulled in. The average speed over the 98 miles was 18.7 mph and it took 5:17 to travel the distance. Most of the country was wide open with very little between the odd tree. Although the words waste land comes to mind I have been corrected on that point. It is NOT a wasteland. I am sure that it would be a nice place to grow up. Although living here would be an oxymoron. Things that I saw along the road included several birds (dead), two coyotes (dead), a large snake (dead), turtles (dead), and a prong horn (alive).

The lovely hotel we are staying (recently remodelled) has certainly seen better days. The ceiling has one coat of plaster and the dry wall spray on texture is was not knocked down. I had been thinking how great it was going to be to soak my bones in the pool but it is temporarily closed for repairs (at least the so the aging sign on the door proclaims). However the best part is that it is right next to the train yard.

The picture of the day is of Antonio. As I was riding in to Logan NM, I spotted this fellow walking along the highway. I knew that there had to be a story here and I wanted to know what it was. Antonio is walking from San Diego to Washing ton DC. He is 50 years old and last year his wife died of cervical cancer. So he is talking a message to the President. "Wake up America" He left his money and credit cards at home in Los Angles and is living off the good grace of the people that he meets. (I gave him $5.00 It was worth it) He is dressed the way he is to use comedy to get the message out there. The old tuxedo, gold rim Elvis sun glasses and the Bobbie ploice man hat are perfect. We should be spending money on medical research rather than on weapons of war. Every day he is hassled by the FBI and Homeland Security, plus the local county Sheriffs. He has been locked up several times. Todate he has collected 1100 business cards of people who have supported him. What a great character.

As a follow up to yesterday's story that Margaret spray painted "Bush Sucks" on the road, she has positively denied doing it. RIGHT!

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for all the great comments.

As it is already 7:50 Pm I am signing off and going to hit the hay.



Lord Omar said...

What an interesting fellow. There's something you definitely do not see everyday. Figures that the FBI and Homeland Security is protecting Americans by hasseling/arresting guys walking along the road dressed in unusual clothing. Should've given him more than $5.00.

Waiting for you to have an accident,

Lord Omar

Ken C. said...

Terry, I can think of only one other agricultural operation worse than a feedlot; I once rode downwind and across the road from a Hutterite colony hog barn. It really cleared the sinuses. Great story about Antonio; you wouldn't meet people like him at 55 mph. Keep up the great blog.

Hugh Mann said...

May there be a million more Antonios out there.
P.S. Don't mind Lord Omar. He woke up on the wrong side of the universe this life.