Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Strange Days

Strange Days indeed, is how the song goes and that was the day. Although the day was only 74.2 miles the 15-20 mph head wind made it brutally hard. So when I realized that the top speed was going to be about 12 mph and the saddle time was going to be 6 hr (actual time 5:54 Now I know that there are people at home who "cannot condone doing double spin class" This was the equivalent of 8 spin classes.) I resolved to just make it a fun day. And I might add that this realization took maybe 5 minutes out from the hotel. So while everyone was grumbling about what a tough day they had, I had fun. So what did I do?

First up was the little Hula cheering party that Tracy our tour leader had organized. She had the truck and one of the vans pulled off the road and everyone was wearing plastic Hula lays and doing a hula dance. As I rode up I reached back and got my water pistol out, and hosed them down. The hula turned to screams as the stream of water hit the hula dancers. I laughed to my self for miles.

Next up was a series of other riders that also got the water pistol treatment as I passed them.

After the rest stop at the thirty mile mark the road was rough and the wind was really in your face. By time I got to the 40 mile mark I still had 10 miles to get to the next stop where two veteran Crossroaders from Oklahoma (Don and Helen) were hosting a special stop, but I was feeling just bushed. However there was a beautiful field of alfalfa be side the road so I parked my bike and lay down in the alfalfa and watched the clouds drift by (I might have closed my eyes). It was great the sun was warm and the smell of the alfalfa was wonderful. I don't think I have just laid in a field to watch the clouds drift by since I was a kid.

The special stop was right at the Oklahoma state line in a little park. I sat and filled my face with the home made brownies, which were fabulous. Unfortunately I realized after about the 10th one I had eaten most of the brownies and I still had 20 miles to go, so I had to leave while there were still 4 left.

At the 60 mile mark was a little town where the University of the Oklahoma Panhandle is located. As I wheeled though town I spotted a little store so I when in and got some sort of pepperoni and cheese pizza dough thing and a giant carbonated Clamato juice drink. Outside was a patio swing so I sat and watched the traffic. The sun was nice and warm and everything was right with the world. Martin and Beth rolled in and joined me. Martin regaled us with canoeing stories with his sons. Great stories!

As I rolled into the hotel I could see Zack and Margaret sitting on a curb, so I ducked into the parking lot next door and as I came by used the water pistol on them. Zack jumped up and grabbed the hose that they had been using to wash the truck with and got me as I swooped back for a second pass.

After a quick shower I joined our special hosts (Don and Helen) on the patio for beer and treats. Wow!

However not everyone had a great day. Frank had to have an emergency root canal done. Ouch!! Richard and Dave collided and Dave took a very nasty fall. He is going to have some very nasty scars. About half or more of the riders got into the sag wagon at some point. The rest of the group just got into some sort of pace line and ground it out.

Today's Picture. In my blog I have been mistakenly calling this part of the country a wasteland. As I rode past this sign I realized my error and am therefore displaying this picture to clarify it for once and all. It should be noted that as we rode north the first signs of civilization started to appear on the horizon. Soon there lots of wellheads, single well batteries and pump jacks.

While I know that you want to know about the water pistols you are going to have to tone in tomorrow. So thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comments.

Down the road.



Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

I've been reading your stories and enjoying them! Hope the rest of your journey is as exciting! I like the idea of laying in a field of clover and watching the clouds go by. we should all do more of that. Take Care

Love & hugs from Katherine M

Ken C. said...

Terry, you are starting to sound like you are on vacation!! As you say, it's not a race. Keep up the good work.

Agnes said...

Love the museum sign. The water pistol sounds great; good job focussing on the positives. Extend my sympathies to the ill and injured . . .ouch. Ride safe.