Friday, May 18, 2007

Every Biker's Favorite Sign:

Today was a relatively short ride at only 44 miles. It had only two parts the first part was the 24.6 mile grind from Prescott at 5100 ft to the summit at Mingus Summit at 7100 ft. and the second part was the 20 mile roller coaster ride into Cottonwood. In fairness the second part really had two parts after the summit there is a 12 mile roller coast ride in the historic mining town of Jerome and then a further 8 miles into Cottonwood.

The town of Jerome was founded in 1883 on Cleopatra hill after the discover of a huge copper silver ore deposit on the hill side. The huge deposit through its mining operations produced 2 1/2 billion pounds of copper, 50 million ounces of silver and 1 million pounds of gold. The 88 miles of tunnels are still under the town with some reaching almost one mile down. After the mine closed in 1953 the town population dropped to 50 but since that time it has become a Mecca for artists, and tourists. most of the buildings are 100+ years old and it is fun to walk up the almost vertical streets and walk though the galleries and have ice cream on one of the many balconies that over look the valley. Actually we had pie and ice cream in the English Kitchen which was established in 1895 by Charley Hong. It being the first Chinese restaurant and opium den in Jerome.

After pie more down hill into Cottonwood, another really fun roller coast.

I adjusted my seat last night by moving it forward less than 0.25 inches and tilting it down in front by maybe 2 degrees. What a difference! My butt feels about a million times better.

About half way up the big hill there was a place to get cold water. So I stopped to fill my water bottles. It is absolutely amazing how much you sweat. So it is close to 90 F and I am hot and sweaty and I gulped down a 24 oz. bottle of ice cold water. Then felt terrible for the next 30 minutes. By time you get in the black bike shorts are caked with salt and your arms feel like you have rolled in sand.

Tomorrow is a short mileage day at 46 miles though Sedona, to Flagstaff. And then our first DAY OFF! Yahoo.

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Agnes said...

The beer was calling; Saturday's blog had to wait!!

Bob said...

Hope all goes well and the heat lets up a little. Sounds like you need your day off. Have a great time in Flag. I hope your not riding that Brooks saddle again this year...