Friday, May 11, 2007

Arrive In Los Angeles

Slept in this morning as we weren't going for a bike ride and I was being lazy and wasn't going for a run. In the truck about 10:00 am and off to LA. The drive through the desert was interesting. In Nevada there are several places where out in the middle of the desert they have built these huge casino complexes. Some of them have big roller coasters built into the casino complex, others are associated with factory outlet malls. I can sort of understand the malls, if you win you can go shopping, or if you have any money left the malls make sure they clean you out. The roller coasters on the other hand I don't get the connection with a casino. If you lose at the casino you go on the roller coaster so that you can feel really sick about the whole affair? Once you cross the line in to California the land scape changes from the high desert into the big box outlet stores of Petland, Toys R Us, Wal Mart etc, etc. The urban sprawl of Los Angeles is continuous from Barstow in. There is a big fire on Catalina island and the smoke has filled the entire valley. As soon as we crossed the pass coming in on interstate 15 the you could see the layers of smoke. We were listening on Jim's satellite radio and Arnold Schwarzenegger had flown out to see the fire. He promised he would be back.

After we checked in at the hotel we walked our bikes over to the check in and got the manditory saftey flags on the bikes. They look pretty corny. Maybe it well fall off in a few days. Jim and I meet a few of the other cyclist and they seem like a pretty good group.

Then Jim and his wife and I went down to Venice beach and walked down the beach and sat on this patio had an excellent supper and watched the sun set into the Pacific. After the sun went down the wind was freezing cold and the temperture in the truck said it was only 58F.

What a great day!

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