Sunday, May 13, 2007

Boston Bound:

I think that it was Willie Nelson who was on the road again, but we got on the road this morning. We had an early breakfast of just about everything that you can think of that could possibly be considered breakfast food before the ride to the beach. And what a ride it was! Tracy who is the tour organizer (more on her later) had everyone wear the Crossroads jerseys and ride in pairs behind the escort vehicle down to the beach, for the ceremonial wheel dip in the ocean and the group photo on the pier. What a sight! At first it was kind of corny but it was fun and once you got into the spirit of things it was great. At the pier we picked up your bike on your shoulder climbed down the steps and packed your bike down the beach (about 200 yards) down to the water where you dipped your whell in the water, then back up to the pier. There was quite a contingent of well wishers out and a couple of pass riders who live in the area who showed up and rode with the group for a while.

The route was mostly though residential neighborhoods and was mostly flat although there were a couple of good climbs. The total mileage for the day was 77.9 miles with a total elevation of 2100 feet. Jim and I fell in with a group of 7 other riders so we had quite a good pace line. In the group was this big tall fellow who rode hard and it was really tough to keep up, then about 4 miles from the hotel he had a flat and dropped out of the group. The group speed was a little faster than I would have liked but, never the less I was glad to be in the group. By the time we got to the motel our group was down to 5. I know it isn't a race, but you know the story "Everyday is race day", I was 6th in today. So not a bad showing.

The weather was warm and got warmer as the day progressed. By time we got in (1:30) it was downright hot. Or at least hot by Calgary standards. The weather though the desert is suppose have a high of close to 100 so the next few days are going to be tough ones.

Getting out and on your bike to cross the country is really going to be a great adventure . I know that there are quite a few of you who like to push the envelope (without naming names, but you know who you are). So drop me a line and tell me what kinds of details you want to hear. I give you the total unvarnished truth about it.


MoMo said...

Hi Terry, looks like a blast! Keep the pic's and notes coming!

Cheers, Julian

Agnes said...

Right, you're not competitive at all, 6th one in . . . Ride safe and keep posting the photos.


Ken C. said...

Terry, I checked your blog for the first time today, and so needed to catch up. I'm enjoying your commentary and photos and look forward to seeing more. Finishing 77.9 mi by 1:30 in the afternoon sounds like a pretty good pace; make sure you take time to enjoy your trip!!

Katherine M said...

Hi Terry!

I was just talking to Agnes and she let me know that you set up a blog.
I look forward to more pictures and notes.

Bye for now