Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Day Off In Flagstaff:

Boy is it ever nice to have a day off! Everyone is just beat and in need of some rest. During the last week we rode 491 miles and did 23,000 ft of vertical. So last night we went out to celebrate and have few beers. It was really good fun we hit a Chinese buffet for supper and then walked down town. We had a couple of pints in several of the downtown pubs. The downtown was just hopping as it was grad night and there were parties going on everywhere. By time we were ready to come home we were a long way from the hotel but Boris had a GPS and steered us on home though every back alley in Flagstaff. Of course being athletes we would never even think of taking a cab when we could walk.
This morning I was up at 6:00 Am and went for a run. It was nice and cool which was a real blessing after all the heat of the last week. It was a nice easy pace and covered 10 kms in 1:02:28. It felt great to just stretch out the legs and breeze along. I had tried to find someone to run with but none were interested, so I put the i-pod on and ran with the Ramones. Joey isn't dead he has just gone home!.
Jim and I put our laundry in the hotel washing machine and he sat and watched it and I came back to the room and caught up on some of my home work. I have been remiss and have not gotten some of my office chores cleaned up for the week. About 3 hours of that and I realized why they call it work.
At any rate laundry is DONE, office work DONE, blog updated DONE, packed for tomorrow DONE!
Today's picture is of a statue of wild peckories and it is really from Sedona but hey I needed a good picture and I haven't taken any yet to day.
And as promised here is a link to my picture for the week :
Thanks again for visiting my blog. And the the great comments.
PS. Bob - No I didn't bring the Brooks saddle. I might be tough but not stupid!


chris said...

hey You made it through the first week and seem to be enjoying yourself. What a great way to see the country! Sounds like you are also learning some good tips about biking that will help in future rides. The pictures and the stories about all the places are great. Feel like I'm there. I haven't ran for weeks and weeks but will go out tomorrow. You've inspired me and if you can sneak a run in, I should be able to do the same.

Ken C. said...

Terry, I just had a look at your first 131 snapshots; looks hot and dry. Right now in Calgary (Victoria Day Monday morning) it is about 2 C, mix of rain and snow and Nose Hill is covered in snow. Thanks for the daily dispatches from the road. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the Jim's being first. Rode with them last year and 2 of them had to sign out first every day and be the first ones in. One of them elbowed me out of the way in the buffet line so he could eat first. Just blow it off and do not waste any mental energy on it. Enjoying your writeups and thanks for helping me re-live XC America again.