Monday, May 21, 2007

Gravity And Tail Winds:

Wow! The effects of gravity and tailwinds have these magical effects on cyclists. We blew out of Flagstaff with a 15-20 mph tail wind this morning at 7:00, and ran into some route snafu due to construction which changed the turn off to get on the freeway. Before we knew it we were 3 miles pass the correct turn off so we had 3 miles to fight the wind but were soon back on track and headed towards Holbrook. The 6 mile miscue turned the 94 mile day into a century. What a century it was. We lost 2000 feet of elevation and with the wind most of the time we were sailing along at 20-30 mph. I completed the century in 5:18 ride time and at an average speed of 18.8 mph. Beyond a doubt my fastest century and most likely a record never to be beaten.

Before we knew it we were in historic Winslow Az. standing on the corner. It was great. There were about 8 to 10 of us laughing and taking pictures. Being only 11:30 and with less than 35 miles to go we were looking to have a good meal. I ran into the corner market and asked where was the best place was to get a good home cooked meal was and the clerk said the Falcon Inn about 10 blocks east. I ran out and yelled "We're going to the Falcon Inn. It's the best place in town" This fellow getting out of a suv looks at me and says I own the Falcon Inn. He had a smile that couldn't be beat. We had a wonderful meal. I had a green chili omelet that was absolutely fabulous. While the decor wasn't great the food was absolutely great. At any rate get my second coat of sun screen on and get my bike unlocked to find that I have a flat tire. My first flat. There were two tiny metal needles which had given me a puncture.

This trip down route 66 is really interesting there are lots of really interesting old historic places that are still around such as the Jack Rabbit Trading Post , the Tepee on the top of the rock at Geronimo, and the Wigwam Motel in Holbrock. However the number of other places that have fallen by the way side such as the Two Arrows just west of Flagstaff and all of the other nameless other places that you can see where the architecture is pure 1950's .

One of our cyclists, Boris was a a class mate of George Bush. But at any rate Boris and I are have breakfast together this morning and are talking about what is the next adventure, when this other cyclist says you should take the Orient Express ride which goes from Paris France to Istanbul Turkey. So I look it up on the Internet. Boy does it ever look like a great trip. Boris says he is in. Great the next trip!

I have been very diligent in applying the SPF 60 sun screen and it sure has worked I haven't been sun burn. However I definitely have a cyclists tan. Above the bike shorts, Jersey sleeves, and my hands are still Canadian white.
Today's picture is riding on the Jack Rabbit at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post. OK it is kind of corny but hey it isn't going to be around very long. You have to do it. This stuff is disappearing fast.
Tomorrow is into New Mexico. A 85 mile ride with yet another great weather forecast.
Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for all the great comments!
See you down the road.


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Anonymous said...

Terry, just got back from the Penticton 1/2 marathon and a week at the cabin. Have been away from emails --a blessing! Have not had a chance to read a word of your blog. Will write when I've gotten caught up--promise. The pics say that that you are having a great time. Like the bunny shot! Take care bud!