Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Continental Divide:

Well that it! It is all down hill from here. This morning we crossed the Continental divide at 7275 ft.

This morning was raining ,cold and windy. Just perfect! With only 67 miles of 20 mph head wind it was going to be a long day. However it was good to not be facing 115 f degree weather. So wearing our rain gear we set off. At about the 7 mile mark the rain turned really nasty so just as we turned into a gas station for shelter Jim got a flat. Changed the flat and the rain let up. We ground down the road at about 11-12 mph so it took us just over 2.5 hours to get up to the Continental Divide. We rode a little further down and I got my second flat. The tube blew out so fast I nearly lost control of my bike. So wind and rain not with standing we made it into Grant NM.

This area of New Mexico is mostly Navajo Indian lands. So there isn't too much to see. Couple that with a ride down the freeway and there just isn't too much to see or tell. I could say a bunch more but then I would probably wind up slagging it and that wouldn't be fair.

Last night we went to the Olympic Gardens, specializing in Greek, Chinese and American cuisine, for supper. The service was worse than terrible. I had ordered a burger it took over an hour to arrive. So next time you are in Gallup New Mexico you might do well to give this place a pass.

On the weird stuff o meter Frank who is one of the riders was playing it save and got off his bike to walk it across a cattle guard and slipped and fell though the grate and twisted his knee. He had to ride the last 20 miles with one leg and he rode in the van today. I really feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for me he was great to ride behind! (OK that was kind of selfish)

The motel tonight has this giant open lobby/atrium which has nothing in it. It is kind of weird. So Gil, who is this really funny guy who got nick named the ghost because of his outfit for the desert which was this all white cycle outfit, brought out this Frisbee so Gil and I started tossing the Frisbee around the lobby before supper. I thought for sure one of the rule types would come over and lay some enforcement on us but no one said any thing and before we knew it we had a dozen people joining in. It was great I'll bet it has been ten years since I tossed the Frisbee.

Today's picture is of this old wagon that is at the divide. I know it isn't impressive but it is just a point.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comments I love knowing what you really think (man is this guy nuts! or what?)



Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I am honoured (Canadian spelling vs. honored) that I was mentioned so early in your report.
What an incredible experience (ignoring the flats, rain, wind, and flying gravel) that you are doing. I look forward to reading more and then getting the "face to face" news.

Take care on the journey and remember "Every day CAN be race day" if you want it to be.


Wes said...

Hi Terry,

New Mexico seems real laid back. They even let you play spontaneous frisbee in hotel lobbies. When does that ever get to happen?

Have a great adventure Terry... Wes

Ken C. said...

Terry, a restaurant "specializing in Greek, Chinese and American cuisine" doesn't specialize in any cuisine, however a tagline saying "compromising in Greek, Chinese and American cuisine" likely wouldn't draw many customers. A one-legged 20 mile bike ride, though, is a noble compromise.

chris said...

Every day is a new adventure! It must feel sooooo good to pass the continental divide. Scary stuff about the rock. Good thing you're so thick headed! Funny to hear about all the flats. How many spare tubes did you take? You thought people were crazy taking 20. Too bad about the weather, but it could have been worse, you could be in Calgary, in the SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURES AND THE INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND! Keep having fun!

Meara said...

You write very well.