Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day Off:

Well sort of. When you are use to getting up early it is hard to sleep in. I knew that I would be awake early so I had my running gear laid out and so when I was awake at 6:00 I put on the running clothes and slipped out for a little early morning 10 k run. It was clear and crisp. There are a lot of ex-runners here but it would appear that I am the only practicing runner. One of the cyclist, Harry from Boston has run 20 Boston Marathons, but he no longer runs. Apparently if you live in Boston you don't have to qualify. At any rate it was good to just get out and stretch out the legs for an hour.

Last night we went out for supper to La Fonda which is this very upscale hotel on the Plaza in old town Santa Fe. It was built in 1539 and was the first Spanish out post in New Mexico. I was an very neat place. I had no idea that there were Spanish traders this far north this early. It was built 100 years before the first settlers arrived a Plymouth Rock. Obviously my history is a little sketchy. Boris who was one of the cyclists was wrapping up two weeks and was flying out. Boris had been cycling with the little group that I have been hanging with. He has just retired from the stock broker game at 59 and is out looking for adventures.

Tomorrow we are off to Las Vegas, New Mexico. It looks like a 75 mile day with 25 miles of climbing right at the end. With the hot weather and afternoon thunder showers I think that I am going to try for an early arrival.

This week wraps up 898 miles of the 3815, so we're not quite 25% of the way there, even though we are on day 14 of the 50. Looks like there are some long days ahead.

As promised you can see this weeks pictures on:

They are in an album shown as Week Two Flagstaff to Santa Fe. Today's picture is was taken on the Turquoise trail. I was this false flat where it looked totally level and I had been just huffing and puffing on and caught up to this other rider who was taking a break and he said have a look back no wonder it is so hard.

Thanks for dropping by may blog and thanks for all the comments. Something about the comments that was brought to my attention the other day was once you click the comments button you can type your message into the box on the right. Then click the radio button that says anonymous. That way you don't have to register with Google. I don't think they are in cahoots with spammers but who knows.

Thanks and we'll catch up with you at the next SAG stop.


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