Friday, April 20, 2007

The snow continues to fall. There are only twenty days to go and I still haven't been able to get an opportunity to head out for a ride on my bike. I would really like to know what happened to global warming. I thought that global warming was suppose to mean it was going to be nicer. This has to be one of the longest winters that I can remember. The winter has not been all that cold however it started early and continues unabated. I got back form my West Coast bike ride the end of the third week in September last year. The following weekend I racked the leaves up in the back yard so I didn't go for a ride. The first weekend in October is snowed and stayed! And now here it is the end of April and still snowing. I haven't been on my bike for a long time now. I guess that my only hope is the old saying "There are two things you never forget, and one is how to ride a bike" is true.

The two images are my bike sitting on the rim driver and the other is a picture looking down the street into the snow and imaging that it is sunny warm and dry.

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