Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The first report

April 11, 2007

Well here it is less than a month before my trip from Los Angeles to Boston and I haven't been on an outside bike ride. Scary. That doesn't mean I haven't been training. I have been working hard. Working with my trainer (Lynne who is absolutely great), hitting spin class up to six times a week, running with my friend Chris who is such an inspiration, and of course all the people at the UofC Honolulu marathon group who keep me motivated through their sheer energy. I just haven't been on my bike since September 2006, and now I am going to ride more than 3800 miles, averaging 85 miles a day. There could be a couple of tough weeks until my back side gets toughened up.


Anonymous said...

Well talk about an inspiration! I can't even imagine doing this, but I know you will attack it with your usual enthusiasm and have a great time! I promise I will keep in touch this time.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Terry, watch out for passing semis!

See you in July!