Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're Here!

Boston is well know for it's civil disobedience dating back to 1773. I haven't seen any of Boston as we rode in though a back road and are staying out in a suburb called Burlington. However as I rode in today I passed though a number of smaller towns which had incorporation dates in the 1770's, some well know, some I had never heard of. It was pretty neat. I guess that just realizing that we are here was part of it.

Today's 86 mile ride from Brattleboro VT to Burlington MA started out hot at 78 F and close to 100% humidity. The first 35 miles to the first rest stop was extremely hilly (and steep as well 14%) and by the time I got there I was bushed. I felt crappy and wore out. However at the rest stop is a Dunkin Doughnut. So I go in and get the special egg and cheese bagel. When it comes out it is 6" in diameter and 4" thick. It was hot and really good. As I wolfed it down the warmth spread tough me and by the time it was gone I felt great. Surly was ready and so was I, so off we went. There were two state lines to cross. At about the 50 mile mark we turned on to the really rough road which had a lot of traffic, and no shoulder. It was totally nerve wracking. The rest stop at the 60 mile mark was at a hot dog stand. The hot dogs were terrible and there were hundreds of flies. So I hit the road as quick as I could. About 10 miles further down the road I realized that I had forgotten to fill my water bottles. We are riding through some extremely pretty country roads, but there are no stores. The weather has cooled down and is threatening rain. With 16 miles to go I just put my head down and rode in with no water. Surly has been great. When I get home Surly gets the full treatment, new chain, cables, and brakes.

The country side here is really pretty. The low rolling hills are covered with trees and as you approach a small town or even a set of crossroads you can see white church steeples sticking above the trees. Then there are the heritage homes. So many of these heritage homes have been lovingly restored and have beautifully groomed yards. We rode though Willard national forest. I was really great. I just loved cruising along.

As a side bar note. A few days ago I had reported that people have been telling me that I have lost weight. I could not believe it considering how much I have been eating. As I was standing in line for supper tonight some one suggested a weight in. So we trouped down to the weight room in the hotel for a weight in. To my total astonishment I have lost 20 lbs! I started at 196 and tonight I was at 176. Unbelievable!

Today's picture is of one of those ubiquitous New England churches. This particular example is in Richmond VT. There are so many that you can't take pictures of them all. This church had a day care associated with it and as I was ridding past there was a bunch of kids playing in the church yard. They were yelling "What are you guys doing?" I guess that the safety flags we have on our bikes makes us stick out.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for all your great comments. It is great hearing from you.

Tomorrow I wear the t-shirt!



Ken C. said...

Terry, you better head back out on the road and find out where you lost those 20 lbs.!! It doesn't surprise me that riding 4-5 hours a day for 7 weeks would cause some weight loss. Enjoy your ride and the celebrations on Friday. Looking forward to seeing you back in Calgary.

Agnes said...

Have a great day tomorrow, baptize the Surly and have fun at your dinner celebration. Ride safe,



Anonymous said...

Estate homes lovingly restored with manicured lawns. Can't remember where it was, but it was somewhere in the mid-west where you saw large homes and you thought that was where the American money was and I said "no, it's yet to come" Now you're seeing it! You should check property values now! Anyway, way to go in making Boston. As for the 20 lbs, That's gravy (or not gravy), but I bet the real shock will be when you try to put your pants on. The legs will be too tight and the waist too loose. It would have been interesting to have taken the circumference of your thighs before and after. Enjoy Boston, I hear it is a great place!
Can't wait to see ya!

Anonymous said...

Now Terry, is that going to be a YELLOW T-shirt?