Friday, June 15, 2007

Around and Around:

Today's ride from Crawfordsville into Indianapolis was a tour of country roads and lanes. Then as we got closer to Indianapolis through the acreages and suburbia of Indianapolis. The country side was really pretty with low slightly rolling hill and lots of tree lined roads. The acreages were really interesting to look at and play I wonder who lives there. A lot of the homes were in 5000+ square foot size. However the route has to take the prize for the number of turns on the route sheet. There were 58 routing instructions on the sheet so it is no wonder a lot of people, without the optional side trip which added 12 more. I don't think I have ever seen so may instructions. The total ride including the optional side trip was 71 miles.

The highlight of the day was the optional side trip to the Indianapolis Velodrome. The velodrome is a 0.25 mile high banked oval for bike riding. The banking is approximately 40 degrees and about 15 feet high. The idea is to get your bike rolling and then as you gain speed climb the wall. It was and absolute blast taking your bike up the banking. At first it seems a little intimidating as the walls are so steep and you wonder how your tires are going to hold you up. However after a few laps it is just plain fun zooming around. Well you know what I'm talking about don't you Ann? I had never ridden in a velodrome before. However it was in the upper 80's and after a few laps you were just soaked and out of breath.

A new couple has joined our group and are riding in with us to Boston. Mark and Tracy were with Jim and I last year on our Pacific Coast trip with Cycle America. They ride a tandem and man can they every fly on it. They went past me this morning so fast that I had to get of my bike to see if I was still moving. A really fun couple. Jim and I had a bunch of fun with them laughing and remembering last years trip. I guess that the long distance cycling community is not all that large.

Today's picture is of me ridding the Velodrome. I guess that you should have known. This was about the 6th or 7th lap of riding full out so I am just about winded.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comments.

Around and around it goes.



Ken C. said...

Terry, neat that you got to ride in the velodrome. You've got to take that flag off your bike if you're going track riding!!! Keep up the good work. Cool and rainy for Calgary for this weekend.

Ken C. said...

Supplemental comment; riding in the velodrome must be like riding in a big solar reflector dish. No wonder it is so hot.

Anonymous said...

Around and around! it sounds like fun! You know they do have a veledrome in Calgary. Anyway, sounds like you are going through a nice easy part of the trip. Getting you relaxed before the trip into the mountains again.
Keep having fun!