Monday, June 18, 2007

Splash Down:

Tonight we are in Wooster OH, which is a town of about 17,000 people. The people of Wooster have made a real effort to rejuvenate the downtown core, and they have done a great job. The downtown is anchored by this 1860's court house which has quite remarkable architecture. All along the main street there are lots of new businesses and there are a lot of buildings which have been totally renovated, or are under renovation. It really looked like there is lots going on.

Yesterday was melt down and it was headed for that again today. The temperature started off in the mid 70's and was headed for the 90's. As I was grinding into this one little town about 9:00 Am there was a sign that said 86 F. In addition the humidity was so high that there was layers of water vapour over some of the fields. It wasn't fog but was this vapour layer that was about 15 feet thick. I was actually nice to ride into one of them. Today's ride was 98 miles but the last 22 miles after the second rest stop where suppose to be these un-rideable hills. So I had decided that I was going to catch a ride from the last rest stop. I even talked to Tracy to organize my spot in the van. So with only 78 miles I was going to take it easy. Energy conservation mode. No pedaling on any down hill and easy spinning on the up hills. But all that changed.

With about 5 miles left before the last rest stop, I am dragging it is so hot and humid. It wasn't even a person on the bike any more. Then I came around a corner and there is my friend Tom H's bike, but no Tom. So I stopped and called out. I can here him yelling and hollering. When I get to the other side of the road I can see that Tom has found a swimming hole complete with a rope swing! We came all the way across America to find a place this perfect. Off with the shoes and jersey, and in for a swim. The water was perfect. Tom and I splashed around for 30-40 minutes. By time I got out I had been revived.

Tom and I cruised into the last rest stop fueled up and rode the un-rideable hills. Just so you know they were brutally steep and the road was so rough that it jarred you right to pieces. You would start up one of these hills under the blazing sun and by the time you got to the top your heart rate was just pounding in your ears, and the sweat was just running off. A bridge that was under construction at the very end sent us on detour so that our mileage for the day wound up at 103 miles, and the temperature wound up at 98 F. However Jim, my roomie was standing at the door and handed me a cold beer as I wheeled in. WOW! It was an extremely hard day but maybe the best yet! Thanks Tom!

Today's picture is of Tom and I having a swim. Tom is the one on the swing and I am just to the left. As you can see it is the perfect swimming hole. The tree with the steps nailed to it, the rope swing. Check it out! Is this Tom Sawyer stuff or what? Don't you wish you were here?

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Houston We Have Splashdown!



Ken C. said...

Terry, I looked at the photo before I read the blog, and said to my self "That guy's wearing cycling shorts, and the other guy has Terry's hairstyle"!! Sounds like the swimming hole and the frosty brew came at just the right times. Might have to keep your eyes open for more swimming holes in the coming days. Enjoy the ride and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
Pain - pleasure - pain - pleasure. What a life!! You really are amazing. Thanks for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is the stuff of Tom Sawyer. I'm surprised you got out of the swimming hole. It looks so nice, I would have been there all day. Good for you for working through the hills.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring to take on a challenge like that Terry. May there always be fishing holes before unrideable hills...