Friday, June 22, 2007

The first bike ride of the summer, and what fun it was (yesterday was the summer equinox in case you missed this Hallmark occasion and since yesterday was a rest day today was the first ride of the summer). We set of in mid 50's temperatures with blue skies. Tom E, Lisa S and I formed up into a fast line and we just gobbing up the miles. Jim H joined us and the miles flew by. Although the winds were strong and sometimes in our face and sometimes quartering the temperatures never got above 66 F which was perfect for me. At the 19 mile mark we hit the New York state line, where there was the mandatory picture taking. At the 30 mile mark we encountered this old brick light house which was really cool. It was situated on this rise above the most beautiful little harbour on lake Erie that you can imagine. I was going to give you a big description but I think instead I will mark a supplement picture posting. There is just no possible way that I could describe the beauty of the spot. Tom suggested we dip our wheel in the lake. Great! Lets Go! Tom, Jim and I are on mission, which ended on a near by beach. We caught up with Lisa at the rest stop a few miles down the road, where we formed up again. Not far down the road Lisa spots a bakery, where we shared a cinnamon roll, which was hot out of the oven. It was really yummy! At the 50 mile mark there was a bridge out and we had to walk our bikes around the construction. What was really neat about the construction was that the road was closed for 5 miles on either side of the construction and we had the road all to our self. Not having to worry about cars was great, even if it was only for a short time. So here we are at about the 60 mile mark it is 11:30 Am and we have only 18 miles to go.

Hey! Lets have lunch at a beach bar! Great Idea! So Tom, Jim and I are on a mission to find the perfect beach bar to have a drink and burger. Just out of Sunset NY we stopped and talked to a few locals, then a couple of firemen at the Sunset fire hall. Yes it is just down the road turn left, cross the tracks and around the corner to Cabana Sam's Beach Bar. Riding along I can see this place with the tables and umbrellas on the roof and turn around to yell at Jim and Tom, then ride off the road into the soft beach sand and piled up Surly into a sand drift. Naturally the foot that is on the down side won't un-clip and I wound up laying in the sand. There was a bunch of construction workers and tourists who all had a good laugh. I had to laugh myself. It looked pretty funny. Sam's was the perfect beach bar. There was the Beach Boys playing on the stereo, girls in bikinis, lots of sand, beautiful blue sky, lake, lots of sunshine and of course great food and beer. For lunch I had the house specialty, a steak and seaweed sandwich, which was a foot long hoggie bun covered in sliced steak mixed with spinach and onion covered in melted mozzarella, with fries, and a beer. It was way better than a burger. Totally stuffed I wobbled out on my bike and rode the last few miles into the motel, listening the Beach Boys sing "Summer Means Fun" in my head.

Upon arriving at the motel I learned some very sad news. Frank has decided to pack it in. My heart really goes out to him. He was plagued with flat tires, then hurt his knee in the cattle guard and couldn't ride, then suffered an abscessed tooth and had to have and emergency root canal, and finally his sore backside prevented him for riding for the last week. Frank, I salute you and hope that we can meet up on the next ride.

Today's picture is Jim and Tom sitting in Cabana Sam's Beach Bar. You can see by the smiles that we have indeed found the perfect beach bar. The little town of Sunset consists of about 12 square blocks of the tiniest summer cottages I have ever seen. Usually these places have been taken over by the new larger monster homes but this place was totally unspoiled. It would be great tocome to enjoy a week at the beach in this quiet little town.

Fun Fun Fun!



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Ken C. said...

What great places you find cycling, as opposed to zooming through in a car. Too bad about Frank having to drop out. We've had a couple of great summer days in Calgary, and it should be a nice weekend. Enjoy the ride.