Saturday, June 2, 2007

Getting Mellow:

As cruised the 85 miles on into to Great Bend today it was a day for getting mellow. Most of the day I rode by myself. Just cruised along at an easy pace. The weather was warm and the sun was out so it was a great day for just cruising. I rode a few miles with John and a few with Jose but most of the time I was by myself. It was great. I was really enjoying the idea of just drifting along and being mellow. I stopped for a while and watch a turtle swimming around in a creek. It must have been 10" across.

At lunch time I stopped at a Sonic Burger. There I meet this stray puppy which was a really pretty cinnamon colour and with a nice light brown nose. So we shared my bacon cheese burger and root beer float. We had a really good discussion of life, the universe and everything. He seemed to be very knowledgeable for one so young, but then maybe he was just leading me on to get more of the burger. Soon it was time to go and he wanted to come with me as he had been on the road for a few days and was looking for a friend. He liked the idea of going to Boston as he had heard what a great place it was. So I took my root beer float which was now down to the last 2" of ice cream and tore the cup down for him. Then I slipped away while he lapped it up as I knew he would be better off at the Sonic than following me down the road. What a great guy! It was wonderful meeting him. I felt like a heel leaving him.

Yesterday my handle bar mirror fell off in the rain some where, so I had no mirror. This morning I mentioned this and Frank pulls out this helmet mirror. Totally amazing! So I spent the day trying to get it into focus and tilting my head to see. Maybe in a day or so I will have learned how to use it. Thanks Frank!

The view finder on my camera quit working today so now I have to use the screen to take a picture. Crap.

OK I guess that I have to come clean on yesterday's post. I messed up the facts on the history of Dodge City. Boot Hill was in Dodge. OK Corral was in Tombstone AZ. Waytt Earp et al shot it out with the Clantons not the Daltons. We passed the Dalton gang's hide out in Meade OK. Half the stuff in Dodge City is named Wyatt Earp. There are Wyatt Earp liquor stores, welding shops, streets, hotels, you name it. Thanks for the comments pointing out my mistake like I said Kansas seemed like too nice a place for all those bad guys. Sorry for the misinformation.

Today's picture is the sign pointing out the half way point between San Francisco and New York. It is located in Larned KS. Once again who knew this about Kansas. And speaking of things that you never knew the smell to the cow stuff is every where and at times is over powering.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comments. I promise to try and keep the facts straight in the future.



Anonymous said...

Terry, You need to stop talking to puppies. They seem to be misleading you. That half-way mark is not in Larned but in Kinsley.

Phil B. CR04

Terry said...


You are right the half way piont for the ride is Kinsley. Larned is the half way point for the rail way which runs through Larned. Sorry to have mislead you. I probably got this muddy.


Anonymous said...


I'm back. The half way point for the ride will be on the Abilene to Topeka segment. Kinsley is the half way point between New York and San Francisco. I look forward to meeting you in Springfield, IL where a few of us from CR04 host a hospitality room for your group.

Ken C. said...

Terry, Mr. Mellow; sounds like you're really on vacation now. In a couple of days, that puppy will hook up with Antonio, whose walking pace is probably more to his liking. Facts (accurate or not) are OK, but it's the story that I am enjoying. Keep up the good work.