Friday, June 8, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out:

That's right all you cyclists, eat your heart out! Today was the perfect day. It started off slightly cool at 56 F ( 13 C) and warmed up though out the day to a high of 74 F (23C) . There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The wind was close to nil, although at times were was just a hint of a breeze to cool you off. So you have the picture, a perfect weather day. The road was this freshly paved country road. Lots of winding curves, lots of really neat roller coast hills, some of the hills were high enough that you had to get down and spin them out, but none were over a half mile, of course they were offset with longer down hills, very little traffic (all of which was exceedingly polite). So you have the picture: the perfect road. The scenery was these beautiful green hills, with lots of trees, fields of wheat and corn, the odd pasture with cows or horses, quaint farm houses and the odd little town. So you have the perfect ride scenery. Now put it all together. Perfect weather, perfect road, and perfect scenery. Like I said: EAT YOUR HEART OUT!. The only sad part of the day was that at 88 mile mark I had to turn off of the road and into the hotel.

The high point was we rode though this little town called Mayville (pop 1200). It was designated as team day so we were all wearing our team jerseys. Then just before town we all stopped and rode into town as a group. In town the local historical society was hosting a social for the riders. This group of sweet little ladies had gathered and put together a wonderful feast. They had fresh fruit and all sorts of goodies as well as lemonade and ice water. This one fellow had been a chef for thirty years and had made his cinnamon buns. They were the best cinnamon buns I have ever had. They were sweet but not overly sweet, not sticky, but not dry. The glazing on top was perfect, not over powering. No raisins or nuts to get in your way or distract you from the enjoyment. Trust me, I know my cinnamon buns. The social was held in front of their museum which was quite a collection of local memorabilia. Stopping here is one of the things the Crossroads has been downing for several years.

Tonight we are in Chillicothe, which is a quaint little town of 8900. It seems to be prospering as the down town seems to be alive and growing. Chillicothe is the home of sliced bread. Yea right. OK here is proof; I saw a sign on the wall of a building downtown and had to look it up.

Today's picture was a really tough chose as there were a number of great pictures to choose from. However I did settle on this picture of this river that was so pretty I stopped on the bridge to get a picture (not recommended practice). As I was taking the picture one of the other riders said "Look someone is down there fishing" I just couldn't see him but there he is in the lower left in a boat just off the one big hole. I'll bet he knew exactly what he was doing.

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Happy trails (?)


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Ken C. said...

Terry, perfect weather, perfect road, perfect scenery, topped off with the best cinnamon bun ever, and riding to the home of sliced bread. I am truly envious. Keep up the good work, enjoy the ride and let us know about your next perfect day, hopefully tomorrow.