Sunday, June 17, 2007

Melt Down

Things started beautifully this morning. It was totally clouded over and was quite cool. I was thinking that it has finally cooled down to the point that I could ride without melting. So I was so optimistic that we might get some rain I packed my rain coat with me on the bike. The Ohio state line was only 2.6 miles from the hotel so there was the obligatory picture taking. About 8 miles out the road was wet and the sky is threatening. It is looking good. The roads are good and the weather is cool. For the next ten miles are so it is looking more and more like rain. This part of the country is in the middle of a the worse drought in ten years so it isn't just me praying for rain. However we changed direction and were soon under bright sky's and the sun burned off the remaining cloud cover. I cruised into the first rest stop by 9:30 and with 42 miles under my belt things were looking good despite the fact that it is going to be another hot one. There was a sign which displayed the temperature as 79 F. On the road and out riding though the country side which has turned into low rolling hills with lots of small farms and acreages. It is really pretty. I saw my first Amish buggy, and it was the classic cover wagon. However I decided not to photograph it as they do not like being photographed do to their beliefs. By the time I got down the road to the little town of Paris it is boiling hot. Being almost lunch I put into a store and got a couple of hot dogs and a drink. The choose of meals that you can get in gas station stores is some what limited and the hot dogs looked like the best to the worst. As I sat there eating I watched the temperature on the bank sign across the street go up 3 degrees to 86 F. The road as gotten really bad and for 10 miles we have wet oil on the road. The little rocks that have been sprinkled on the wet oil are flying up on to your legs and back. The next rest stop is at the 78 mile mark and by then I am just a wet rag. Out on the pavement it is probably in the high 90's. However we still have 25 miles to go. Out on the road I am grinding along and by the time I reached the 91 mile I am just a puddle of melted ectoplasm. The NASCAR race is on and Denny Hamlin is in third place. It is going to take me close to another hour to get into the hotel. Then the SAG wagon passed me. Once again I am out of water having only gotten 7 miles per bottle. So as I had two chooses either ride the last 12 miles in and miss the race or take a ride. The heck with grinding away in the heat and humidity. I am on holiday! Some riders on the tour don't ride on the sabbath. Why should I ride during the NASCAR race? I am doing what I want! Denny Hamlin came in 15th one lap down. Not great but not bad either.

I guess that there were a bunch of high lights today. I think that seeing the Amish buggy was really cool. I stopped to have a little ditch party and eat an energy bar beside this really pretty farm under a giant oak tree. There were so many birds singing in the tree it was really peaceful.
I guess I should tell you that we are in Marysville OH tonight. It is town of about 17,000 people. I think that this whole area has become a bedroom community for Columbus OH. It is only 25 miles north of Columbus which has a population of 730 k. In addition you are only 145 miles from Clevland and 160 miles from Detriot. This would explain why most of the country side is acreages, and new developments. I rode past this one estate which had the largest house I think I ever seen on it. Excluding Buckingham Palace or maybe Chateau de Versailles. Yes there are some nice places.

Today's picture is of a covered bridge which was off on a little side road. It lead down this winding road and over a small hill. It was a really idyllic place.

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Anonymous said...

Ya Ken's right you can probably say good-bye to little low population towns. You are also getting exposed to the humidity of the east. Something you're not use to living out west. We have finally got sunshine. Stay hydrated.

Ken C. said...

Terry, were you able to draft that Amish buggy?!?!?