Friday, June 29, 2007

Atlantic Ocean:

Wow! I saw the Atlantic ocean today! This morning early the group departed on the final ride down to Revere Beach on the final 18 mile ride. Everyone was in the Crossroads jerseys (yellow and black) and were nervously buzzing around. After the final sign out we cycled 11miles to a meeting spot and then formed up to ride in a column down to the ocean. What a sight! Thirty four riders cycling along in pairs, with the orange safety flags waving. Past heritage homes in stately neighborhoods and up and down windy streets to the beach. At the beach everyone carried there bike down to the ocean for pictures and ceremonial wheel drip to signify the end of our journey. Then it was pack the bikes into the vans and back to the hotel where the bikes were stuffed into boxes and clothes into suitcases for the journey home.

Jim and his wife Sondra and I went into downtown Lexington for lunch and had a great meal in this really nice East Indian place. Lexington is where the American revolution first started with Paul Revere and the minutemen. We stood in the pub where the minute men gathered on April 19, 1775 prior to attacking the British. How cool is that? Took pictures in the park where the famous statue of the minutemen are and did the whole tourist thing.

Tonight is the wrap up banquet and probably more than one toast to the exciting adventures that we have shared over the last 7 weeks.

Today's picture is of Jim and I standing in the Atlantic Ocean with our bikes. We started out together and finished together. It has been really great having such a great friend along with me on this trip. He has been a real pillar of strenght and inspiration everyday. I am looking forward to my next adventure with Jim. The second picture is me taking Surly down the beach. Man it was tough in the soft sand.

The weeks pictures can be found on Webshots at: They are listed under Erie to Boston Album.

It has been just a ton of fun doing the blog everyday it has kept our thoughts organized and hopefully given you at home some insight into what, and where we were everyday. So did I get what I came for out of this trip? Yes I did. I came to have an adventure and I tried to have an adventure everyday. Sometimes it was by injecting my own kind of insanity in to the order with water pistols. Sometimes it was talking to dogs. Sometimes it was playing Huck Finn and swimming in the river. Sometimes it was testing my own endurance on the bike in 110 F heat.

Before I sign off today, I need to thank a few people who helped make this trip possible. My wife Agnes, who has supported and encouraged me though my training and though out the trip. I couldn't have done it without that unwavering support (and I'm not just saying that). My son Kurt, thought I was crazy for doing this fool thing. My good friend, training partner, cheerleader, inspiration, and role model, Chris. Thanks so much Chris. My personal trainer, Lynne, who got me ready for the trip. She beat me up twice a week, and put me in over a hundred spin classes and generally worked my butt off. My friends and training companions at the UofC Honolulu marathon group. Jennifer you are a total inspiration. Colleen who taught me so much but most of all that, "Every day is race day". Murray, I still haven't beat your speed record,but I'm working on it. Ken, who read my blog and left me with great thoughts everyday. And of course all my other friends who encouraged me and wished me well even if you did think I was crazy.

But wait there's more to come this is just one adventure. This years adventures yet to come are a raft trip down the Grand Canyon, hiking for a couple of weeks in Tennessee Blue mountains on the Appalachian trail, Kelowna half marathon, San Antonio Marathon, and a two week cruise from Santiago Chile to Valparaiso Argentina. So stay tuned! There is an adventure to be had everyday.

Homeward bound!



Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your blog
I will be a part of XC08, and I have enjoyed taking this "virtual" trip with you.
congratulations and enjoy all your upcoming adventures.
ps-would you mind emailing the amount that you think you spent out of pocket on food during your trip-it would help me to plan for next

Ken C. said...

Terry, congratulations on your very big accomplishment!! What an adventure!! Thanks for doing the blog every day; it was great and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I went back and looked at some of the first week blogs, and it seems like it was so long ago. Now that you've done the width of North America, why not try the length?!?! I look forward to visiting with you when you get back to Calgary. Have a good flight home, see you soon.

Darryl S. said...

Welcome home. It's not too often you can turn retiring into re-tiring. Congrats on reaching another goal - biking across the continent.

Anonymous said...


I just finished reading your last week of blog and I must say it sounds like you had the most fantastic trip - congratulations on pursuing and more importantly, completing a life dream! I really enjoyed following your trip via the web. Enjoy your raft trip with Kurt and having some downtime in the GC!


Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

Congratulations! You've made it & what an adventure! I read your blog last week and can't believe some of the heat you rode through. Your blog is great; it makes me feel as though I was cycling with you.


Anonymous said...

Terry, I just finished your blog. It was great and super entertaining. I am registered for next year's CrossCountry.

I have a Surly Pacer with a Shimano 9-speed triple. It has 53,39,30 chainrings and 12-25 cassette. What gearing would you recommend for the trip?

Do you have any suggestions for making weight restrictions with a laptop?

Have a great trip down the Grand Canyon. I have hiked it several times. My wife and I were just there in June.

Thanks and best wishes,
Grinnell, Iowa, USA

Anonymous said...

Terry, guess that I need to leave my email address so you can respond to my comments/questions. It is:

Bob Wemer
Grinnell, Iowa

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