Sunday, June 24, 2007

Historic Ride:

Syracuse NY is a very historic town with the first settlers arriving in the 1600's, however it would appear that it really got rolling when the Erie Canal reached it in 1824. The Erie canal really opened up the area and caused a huge boom in economic and population growth. Although I have not seen anything of the city as we rode in though some back roads and light industrial area. It would appear that the town is built on low rolling hills and looking at a couple of web pages that there is just a ton of historic places here that played an important role in the growth of America.

This mornings ride started out an hour later than usual as we only had 68 miles to cover. Sleeping in was great as we really needed it. The 20 miles took us down to Waterloo which was the birthplace of Memorial day. It would appear that General John Murray started Memorial day on May 5 1866 to honor fallen Union soldiers. It is now a major US holiday and celebrated across the country. Just a very miles down the road at the 25 mile mark we were in Senaca Falls which is where the first women's rights convention was held in 1848 and is now the site of the Women's Hall of Fame (as I was with a bunch of guys there was more than one slightly un-politically correct joke made). It wasn't open as it was still really early. Blasting on down the road we were soon at the 55 mile mark where the Erie Canal Park is and is the site of restored section of the canal and the Erie Canal museum. We arrived right at 1:00 and caught the historic boat tour. It was a forty minute tour down to the end of the restored section of the canal where you get off the boat and walk down to see a aqueduct over a creek which is in the process of being restored. It was a really interesting boat ride. After we got off the boat the temperature was pushing 80F but as we only had 15 miles it wasn't so bad. However after sitting on the boat for forty minutes it was hard getting the legs moving. Not only is this area just packed with really historically interesting it is very pretty with the low rolling hills and winding lanes though the big trees. It looks like the area is prospering as well, which is good considering how much we have seen where it looks like the people are hurting. After the side trips the ride was just over 70 miles.

Today's picture is looking down the Seneca River. This river runs though a large part of NY. There are house boat rentals and other please craft on the river here. It looked like it would be a great holiday to rent one of the house boats which are really like canal boats and cruise down the river and explore all the small historic towns of the area. As I was riding along I was thinking how nice this place would be to see in the autumn colours. The picture here would look great wearing those colours.

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History is more or less bunk. (Henry Ford)



Anonymous said...

New York is a pretty state with lots of nice little towns and it is beautiful in the fall. Way to go on passing the 3000 mile mark. I can't believe it. After reading about your inspiring run I went out on the valley loop and smoked one out myself! Fastest time I have ever run it in! You are truly an inspiration or I am highly competitive! Enjoy the next few days!

Ken C. said...

Terry, our family is travelling to Connecticut in July; Montreal to Fairfield, CT via Albany, NY (which is where our paths would theoretically cross), so your comments now are relevant to our upcoming trip. Considering North America was settled by the French and English from east to west, the sense of history is enhanced travelling east. Great blog, enjoy the last five days, and keep up the good work.