Saturday, June 23, 2007

Up and Down:

Here we are in Canadaigua NY. Never heard of it? Well it has been around a long time. The town of Canadaigua held it's first town hall meeting in 1791. At that meeting it was voted that "That swine, two months old and upward, shall have good and sufficient yokes." and "That for every full grown wolf killed in town, a bounty of thirty shillings shall be paid." The town is on the end of one end of the finger lakes, and is basically a resort town now. It is very pretty here with low hills surrounding the lake. There is a wide variation in architecture however a lot of it makes you wonder if Norman Rockwell just painted it.

The day's ride was 95 miles of hills. Some were really steep and some were just long grinders. Some were only 20 feet and some were 400 feet. The total climb for the day was 3100 feet. So it wasn't an easy day. The temperature was high 60's which helped the boil over factor. Although a lot of the riders thought it was cold, I thought it was perfect. The road was great with big wide shoulders and smooth pavement. The scenery was beautiful green rolling hills, and as I mentioned small Norman Rockwell towns. I jumped on my big gear early and just keep riding. I was in the first rest stop by 9:00 Am and the second stop by 12:00. With only 20 miles to go I just blasted on into town. I was the first to sign in today. My FIRST and only FIRST! No one could catch me today.

Today was a mile stone for the ride. Just after we pulled out of Hamburg we passed the 3000 mile mark. They had the vans pulled over and big signs out and everyone stopped to take pictures and celebrate. It was great. The smiles on the faces as the advertisement says were "Priceless"

The high light of the day however was that I decided that I would go for a run. Having not run for probably 10 days, and having just ridden 95 miles made the first 100 yards pretty tough but once I found my legs I really opened it up. I just felt so good running along as fast as I could. I cruised down the road to the far end of the lake and then followed the beach to the far end and back to the hotel. By time I got back in I had run 5 miles in 46 minutes. Not bad after a 95 mile ride that was done in 5:45.

Today's picture is the scene at the 3000 mile mark. I don't think the smiles need any explanation. It really feels great to be on the last leg of the trip. It has been a great adventure. I have just had a blast. When do we go again!

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your great comments. I have really enjoyed sharing my adventure with you and I hope that you have enjoyed following along.

Off and running.



Ken C. said...

Terry, Congratulations on 3,000 miles. That's 5,000 km in six weeks! In response to your exclamation "When do we go again", have you considered riding back to L.A. after your Boston wheel dip? Just kidding. Signing in first makes you the "Leader of the Pack" (The Shangri-Las, 1964). Congratulations, enjoy the last 400 miles and keep up the good work. Thanks for the great blog; as you can tell, I'm really enjoying it.

Agnes said...

Good thing Ken was only kidding . . . 3000 miles, what an accomplishment. I know that you are looking forward to the bragging rights that completing this trip will entitle you to . . . as well as being part of a very small elite group of cyclists.

The cooler weather has made for better days . .

Ride safe, I'm looking forward to you being home soon.