Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Welcome Rest Day

May 19 2011

Camping Paradise is right below this set of train tracks on which this high speed commuter train runs. The train runs past every 15 minutes starting at 6;00 AM which is about the same time as the traffic on the freeway starts which is right beside the tracks. However I lay in my tent until almost 8:00 napping and reading my book.

The camp ground turns out to be about 5 kms to town however there is a local bus which runs once an hour for 3.3 euro you get a return trip. So I hopped aboard and rode on into to town. It is quite a tourist town. There were hundreds of tourists walking up and down the main street when I got there. There is a lot of Roman ruins and a huge Roman amphitheatre. I never made it to the amphitheatre as it was very lined up to get in as there was some sort of special presentation there today. The town centre is all within the old walled city. It was very cool walking down the narrow streets and up and down all the steps. It looked just like it was out of the movies.

I found one internet café and got one blog posted before the whole place crashed and it turned into a gong show so I went and had a pizza for lunch. By then it was time to catch the bus back to camp. On the way back I spotted another internet café so I am going to walk back to it. Maybe I will be lucky there.



Agnes said...

Sounds like a great day on a well earned day off. Why is it that camp grounds are always sandwiched in by the freeways and railways?? Thanks for the great updates, look forward to more.


Jim said...

Hey Terry,

I was beginning to wonder what happened to our world traveler after not hearing from you for a week. Great reports, though. Your pictures of the country side are stunning and spectacular. The rides sound challenging with the steep 20% grades and screaming downhills. You also managed a day of howling wind and rain. I like the idea of the resort favorite as a matter of fact.

You are my hero, having made the huge climb up to Mt Etna and down, and survived all the crazy Italian drivers. Way to go.

Keep up the great reports!


Ken C. said...

Terry, your reports of wind sound like springtime in Calgary!! Etna is an active volcano. I remember my father talking about Etna erupting when he was serving with the RCAF in the Italian theater during WW II. Nice to see you enjoying the gelato too. Thanks for the blog, keep up the good work.

Jurg said...

Hi Terry
It seems you had a good first week! Thanks a lot for you blog entries ! I realy appreciate them.
They are now also on the official website of Bike-Dreams under Italia, Edition 2011, Gazzetta.
In some days you will stay at Cassino, a very important place in WW II. I stayed there on 17 Sept 2009 and met a family from Calgary (!) who was visiting the grave of their oncle on the Canadian cemetery on Monte Cassino, next to the Montestary.
Just watched Giro d’Italia on TV. You do not have to worry about the climbes, there are more to come. Not only to villages on the top of a hill but also over passes. Today the final 10 k on Monte Zoncolino had an average grade of 11.5% (with a max of 22%). Good to hear from you that you like this ;-)
Tomorrow is the “kings-stage” (what is this called in Englishh???) of the Giro in the Dolomites, 229 k, crossing 5 passes, total climb of over 6’000 meter (no Jim, not feet!!!). I will watch on TV with a beer and have fun. Too bad you do not have a live cam with you. I would also watch you on the screen ;-)
Have a good time

lynnewines said...

Ciao Terry
All I want to do is get on a plane and join you as this trip would be so far it looks like your having a ball and enjoying yourself(especially eating all that gelato!) Im enjoying your blog and love the MT. Etna area...beautiful!! Keep posting all those pictures....Lynne.