Friday, May 13, 2011

I woke up at 8:00 AM this morning which was great to get eleven hours of sleep. Maybe this will cure the jet lag. I need to be in top form to do this ride. Every where I look there is nothing but hills, and everyone talks about how hilly this ride is. However to put that into perspective these are all Auzzi’s who are saying this and the highest point in Australia is 1800 meters. So they are kind of use to riding the flats.

After breakfast, I packed up to move hotels from where I was staying to the move down to the tour hotel. I put my pack on and hiked down to the new hotel, then walked back and picked up my bike. It all worked great. The other hotel check in was a little confused as rooms were not ready and then there was only one key and the room mate was not to be found. As it turns out the room mate is a geologist from Calgary. Travel half way around the world to meet one of your neighbours. Incredible!
After lunch there were several riders who were going for a little ride so I joined them. It was a very pleasant ride through some of the country side. Although I never checked my odometer we were out for about 90 minutes which was just perfect.

The organizational meeting at 4:00 Pm was very interesting as they handed out the jerseys which are very nice. Almost too nice as I will hate to get it dirty. The ride is 103 kms and it looks like it is all up hill. It can’t be too steep as we gain 1000 meters over the ride. They look very organized and have been doing this business for several years. The crew has been with them for a number of years so it should be fairly smooth sailing.

Well I have to go as there is a lot to do before bedtime.

Something happened to Blogspot and my latest blog posts were deleted. I restored the words but not the pictures. May be later. It never ends.



Jurg said...

Hi Terry
I just returned this evening from my French Atlantic trip and noted that your Italian tour starts today. I followed up with your blogspot entries and noted that you have not received any comments yet 
The comment of the Auzzi’s on the “climbs” strikes me. Wherever there is an uphill, there must be also a downhill following. This is at least as it works on our side of this globe. So, enjoy all the fast downhills. And don’t worry about the speed limit. Whenever you run over a bend, there is always (or at least almost always) the Mediterranean Sea expecting you and your bike !
Enjoy your ride !

Agnes said...

Thanks a lot Jurg. . . just what Terry needs to hear, no speed limit!!
Aren't you joining him on the Swiss- French portion of this ride?

Ride safe guys,


Jim said...

Hey Terry,

Sounds like you are off and running. I'll bet the flights added up to a really long day. You sound like you have managed with the jet lag. You are a tough guy.

Enjoy the pizza and beer.


Jim said...

HI, Terry;
Man, you are at it again! Hope you continue to have a good time. We will be following your postings as we meet our family obligations while you are away. And, then, we will see you in July. Jurg, slow him down a bit for Agnes. he has work to do at home. Sandra

Ken C. said...

Terry, just catching up with your blog today. Glad to hear that your traveling was uneventful. Brutally windy weekend in Calgary, but went for a couple of rides to get ready for the Golden Triangle next weekend. Have a good start to the tour, and I am looking forward to following your progress.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
Just catching up as well. I didn't have a sense of the route when we talked in Calgary. It looks spectacular. What luck to be rooming with a geolgist! Looking forward to some great pics.
Ride safe,