Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Howler May 16

San Leone/Agrigento Gerace

A lot of people would not consider a 109 kms bike ride with 1718 meters of elevation to be a big day. However the deal breaker on any ride is the wind. Today’s wind was crazy. It was swirling around and was howling in your face and then with such a ripping cross wind it would grab you an nearly throw you over. I was coming down what had to be at least a 20% grade out of Mazzarino with the bike in low gear and all I could do was about 12 kms/hr. But wait why am I complaining? On the bike ride of a life time in unbelieveably beautiful country side with magnificent sun shine.

So let me step back to the morning. I set off with Bruce (Australian – Duh). We rode along together and then I got infront with my head down and lost him and rode past the turn. About 2.5 Km I realized I was in the wrong spot and had to ride back. At least it was down hill with the wind. Made the turn and was off. Because of my little detour I was relatively far back in the field but was making up time as a lot of the riders were pulling in for coffee.

The country side is very rugged and for some reason every road has to wind around to go over the very summit of every hill. There were lots of opportunity to day were you could see how the road could just as easily run around the base of the hill to the other side or at the very least go through a saddle but no we have to put in a dozen switch backs to go over the very top of the hill.

So what were the high points to day, apart from making into camp and surviving the wind. The town of Marrarino had the most beautiful cobbled main street which a huge cathedral one end and then the was an Norman castle which was in ruins on the other end. Seeing this stuff is just incredible. The other big high light has to be the Gelato in Gerace.

Tonight’s camp site is a remote villa in the hills. We are camped in an olive grove. It over looks this fantastic valley which is set with olive groves and vineyards WOW!

They are calling supper so I have to run.


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Agnes said...

Sounds like a bit of complaining . . . where would the fun be in straight, wide, well paved roads.