Friday, May 20, 2011

A Ferry Ride To Italy May 20 2011

Today was the last day on Sicily. It was 45 kms from Taormina where we were camped down to Messina where we were getting on the ferry across to the mainland. It was gorgeous day. The weather was absolutely perfect for cycling, not too hot and not cold.

I was busy taking pictures of all the riders as we cycled along the coast. The sea was so perfectly blue. It was an idyllic ride. We were going to meet up at this little café just a couple of kms from the ferry depot and get organized. When I got there were a lot of riders there and it was very hectic as it was right on this very busy road.

After everyone got there we set off for the ferry docks in a large group. The road was extremely narrow and extremely busy. The best you could do was just push along between the cars. It definitely wasn’t for the nervous. It turned out to be 4 kms down to the ferry docks. Then just as we arrived at the docks I hit a pot hole and knocked my bag loose. It when into my spokes and broke a spoke. So I pushed my bike over to the van and our mechanic loaded it on his truck.

The ferry ride is only about 20 minutes across the straights between Sicily and the mainland. They really need a bridge. The loading and unloading takes a long time and is very frustrating for everyone as the line up to get on the ferry and get off is huge.

On the second half of the ride I rode in the truck which was very frustrating as it looked like a great ride. Stuff happens and you have to take the good with the bad.

I see that there are fresh cherries and strawberrys for supper, which have been purchased of one of the local vendors along the road. They look great.



Agnes said...

Wow, great pics. I have never seen that much garlic in one pile before!


Dennis said...

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Venezialines said...

I heard it is always a problem taking a ferry ride with your car or bike. The first one who got in is the last one to get out. =)